10 interesting things to do in Havana on a budget


 Cuba is a fantastic place to visit on your travels – full of sun, fun and of course, lots of rum. The capital, Havana, is a scintillating and historic city with a big personality that everybody from backpackers to families on summer holiday will enjoy. Here are a few things to look out for if you’re lucky enough to visit.


Old Havana


Havana Vieja, as it is known to the locals, is truly atmospheric. You’ll find old restored buildings that have a distinctly Spanish feel, bustling market stalls and most importantly, lots of nice places to have lunch. It is a recognised UNESCO world heritage site. 


The Malecon


The Malecon


The Malecon is a large and bustling esplanade that runs along the coast of the island. It is an amazing place to walk, as the buildings that run down it are colourful, grand and full of old-world charm.


The Revolution Museum


Inside the Palacio Presidencial you will find the fascinating Revolution Museum. Here you will learn the story of the Cuban Revolution from the initial uprising gainst the Spanish to today. Read fascinating documents and look at original photographs from key moments in the story.


Parque Lennon


Located in the Vedado district, this charming park contains a famous statue of John Lennon with an inscription from the song ‘Imagine.’ I won’t tell you which lyric, you’ll have to visit to find out…


cuba car


One of the amazing things about Cuba and Havana is the traditional aesthetic on show in the architecture and the cars. You will see some amazing old cars go by in Cuba with loads of retro style.


Show off your Salsa Moves


Can you feel that rhythm in your hips? Cuba is the best place in the world to try this amazing dancing style – there are so many amazing dancers there! Take a salsa lesson from a professional, or if you’re already an expert just relax and go with the flow.


Smoke a fine cigar


Smoking is a very bad habit, but if you visit Cuba you have to try a fine Havana cigar at least once (even if it is just a puff). it’s Ok if you really don’t want to, as many people just enjoy the rich smell of cigars.


Drink a Rum Cocktail


Nothing goes better with a big cigar than a tatsy daiquiri or juicy mojito cocktail. Packed with rum, fruit juice and fresh fruit and herbs, try these cocktails in the place they were invented. It’s best to sample them more than once for full effect!


Cure Your Hangover with Guarapo


After a night of salsa, rum and cigars you might be feeling a little tender the next morning. Try a glass of Guarapo to wake you up; pure sugar cane juice, freshly squeezed over ice. The perfect remedy.


Plaza de Armas


After polishing off a few glasses of Guarapo and eating a hearty breakfast, how about a nice stroll around Plaza de Armas? This is the oldest square in Havana, and there is an artsy book market at its centre.


What next? I advise that you find a flight to Havana, pack a few essentials and start your journey today. Got a better idea?


Images by Fotoffigrafie and Anton Novoselov used under Creative Commons License.
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