Paramotoring Whitefish Montana. Flight 22

My second paramotor flight in Whitefish and my 22nd overall. I had a terrible take-off this time and a not much better landing, but I know what I did wrong!

When launching I overcompensated the wing by pulling too much right brake, when I should have tried more to get under it. I find it quite a bit more difficult Paramotoring in extreme cold like this as all the clothing and wet feet make it hard to be accurate and uncomfortabley cold. In fact I landed after only about 20 minutes because my fingers were going numb!

For my landing I am trying to get them more accurate by not pulling brakes so soon, unfortunately I pulled brakes a split second too late and went to my knees, otherwise I could have had a nice slide in landing.


As it was I had a beautiful Paramotor flight over the snow in Montana, I learned more about launching and landing, and I walked away without damage or hurting myself, success! I am not sure when my next flight will be as we are at a very high altitude in Colorado now which makes launching very difficult. Add to that running through a foot of snow and I will probably have to wait awhile.

which is fine though because now I can learn to snowboard!

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  • Pieter
    Posted at 11:10h, 08 January Reply

    Hi Tyrhone

    Love your blog, I also just completed my PPG training and my equipment is on order. Are you carrying a reserve?

    If you make it to Atlanta we should go fly (and catch up on the old country).Pieter

      Posted at 13:10h, 08 January Reply

      Thanks Pieter appreciate that mate and congrats on the training, hard as hell wasn’t it!

      I always carry my reserve and check it every time, it is scary enough getting airborne it just makes me feel better knowing I have a second chance if something goes wrong, especially once you get up a couple thousand feet.

  • Rob
    Posted at 11:18h, 17 January Reply

    Wait you have a reserve? That’s just cheating, surely it’s Sarah’s job to catch you if you fall…

    I like her concern at the end after a little giggle. Will you get to do much flying over the winter in Colorado? I would need a heated suit to do such a thing.
    Rob recently posted…5 year anniversary, sleepless nights and new plans!My Profile

      Posted at 11:59h, 17 January Reply

      I do have a reserve, but just for looks, I wouldn’t actually throw it no matter how dire the circumstances. No flying in Colorado I don’t think, it is too high where we are and too far where it’s not high. Might have to wait for Mexico, and I got a busted foot. Poor me…

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