Something About Me

Hi, I’m Tyrhone, and this is Something About Me

Something About Me

As it was so wondrously put in Lee Marvin’s “I was born under a wandering star”. I was, uh, born, under a wandering star, and this is something about me, and my wandering star.

Something about me – Un-appeased by the hopes and aspirations that had seemed the only way forward in life for so long, my girlfriend and I packed our bags, sold our home and all the toys that had failed to keep us happy, and bid adieu to a world no longer suitable.

My life has been marked by constant moving around, from house to house, school to school, and country to country, I was born in South africa and alternated between there and Zimbabwe for the first half of my life. For one reason or another, we were always on the move. Life was a blur of new faces and new places, some great, and some shockingly not so great.

Something else about me,To London!

School never suited me, and after giving up on the whole thing at 16, I decided to get a job and start pulling in the big money. So I found work as a forklift driver, and spent a year counting the “wads” of cash, watching my dreams flicker into reality. That is, until rent and bills had to be paid, and the wads of cash flowed out as quickly as my dreams, I had realized something about me, and about life’s “limitations”.

Upon realizing that my dreams of world domination would never materialize while driving forklifts, I decided that it was time to leave Africa behind, and move on to the promised land to make my fortune. At 17, my mum helped me organize a holiday visa for London (by “helped”, I mean did for me), and I found myself in a bizarre, freezing landscape, where people talked funny and they called soccer football.

On the wrong visa to get a job, and too shy to do the only work available to me, bar tending. It was off to Scotland, where a young lad can disappear in the system. The system was a fish factory in a tiny town called Fraserborough, where sailors come to get high, and everyone else is trying to escape. 12 hours a day gutting fish and trimming salmon for $6 an hour, and it seemed that perhaps my dreams were better suited to, well, anywhere else.

From Scotland to Ireland, for a few weeks. When the land of leprechauns seemed as ill fated as the land of heroin addicts, I decided it was time to get a proper visa, and give London another try. I landed a job making props for Hollywood movies, and worked on such classics as “Tomb Raider” and “The Mummy returns”. In fact, every time one of “my” movies comes on, Sarah is treated to proclamations of “I made that”, followed by a detailed analysis of how one makes a fake sword, shield or pile of cow dung.

I worked 6-7 days a week, long into the night, and after 6 months had saved about $15 000. Then it was back to South Africa. I grabbed my mum and sister, and dragged them over to London. My brother had already been in London for a few years, but was shortly to leave for New Zealand. This was the last time we were all together, but I hope we can be again someday soon.

From movies, to security Guard, then personal trainer, and back to security guard. I didn’t travel out of London for about 8 years. While working night security for The London Stock Exchange, I taught myself Photoshop and began making pretty pictures, this would stand me in good stead years later when I started working as a graphic designer.

Yet Something else about me, The Travel Bug Bites

Then I met Sarah, and my travel bug came back. We hit the somewhat local spots, Paris for a weekend, Switzerland for snowboarding, Egypt for pyramids. One after the other countries added themselves to my repertoire, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Austria, Portugal. Eventually Sarah had to leave London, and decided to take me with her.

In Australia, I managed to find a job as a graphic designer, eventually working for myself. I can and do anything digital, for print or online media, and hope to keep this up as I travel. Have a look at my web and graphic design website,, to see what I can do. It is my passion and I am lucky enough to earn a living from it.

While setting up a life for ourselves, Sarah and I did as much traveling as we could, a few holidays around Australia and out, Nepal and Everest base camp, India and Indonesia. It wasn’t enough.

We had bought the house, 2 in fact (or rather we bought 2 mortgages), we built a life with T.V’s, cars, computers and Nespresso machines. We did all the things you’re meant to do, but it didn’t feel right.

I had had an idea for some time (that luckily Sarah shared), that it would be wonderful to pack it all in, and go see the world for a year or so. But there was always a reason to delay,

we don’t have enough money,

the mortgage,

work is going well,

I just broke in the couch, and so on.

And so we procrastinated and deviated, until we could neither procrastinate nor deviate anymore. Life was not working out the way we wanted, the house took endless work to maintain and pay for, work was becoming tedious, weekends weren’t long enough, and, the T.V. was too small.

Eventually enough was enough, it got to a stage of do or die, we both felt discontented with what our individual and collective worlds had become.

The last Something About me, So we did it

From making the decision, it took about three months to sell everything, quit our jobs, and get started living. We had been saving for years, and although you can always wait a bit longer, and have a bit more, there is no time like this time, in fact there is no time but this time.

So here we are, traveling the world, experiencing another lifestyle, how other cultures live, what makes people different or the same. Basically finding out what the world has to offer those willing to have a look, and of course, what we want from it. So far we have been to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, Mexico, India and London, with lots more to come.

We have no real plans, and are taking it as it comes. It has already been a blast, better and easier than I could ever have imagined, every day is an experience, every day is lived by us, for us, and it feels more satisfying, more right, and more real, than even the 52″, 3D, Hi Def Television and 7.1 surround sound that would have been its substitute.

And that is Something About Me


Something About Me — 16 Comments

  1. Thyrone your mom can be so very proud of you, You had a very hard life and came out TOPS. I salute you. Keep your head up high and GO FOR IT.
    The wirld is your oyster.

  2. ‘Proud of them’ doesn’t even come close to what I feel for the soaring accomplishments against adversity that Tykes has achieved and conquered, as have Bren and Taunee,three of the most diversely inspiring people anyone could know and for a mother to cherish. I am in awe of them. And comments such as these from our long-time friends as the McLennans and Elliotts is praise indeed to hold close, we can see Phil’s smile beaming in his children’s smiles.

    • Thanks Danni, it’s had its moments. Who knows, could still be on the road in 30, or working at maccers to trying to make up for living like a hippie for 30 years :)

  3. Hey Tyrhone, your life sounds SO interesting. :) You’re really lucky to travel around so much. I was hoping to teach myself Photoshop too and then possibly become a web designer. I was wondering about how long it took you to teach yourself? I have to do it in my free time around work, too.

    • Hi Carla,
      Welcome to my blog :)
      Photoshop is one of those things that you never stop learning about. To get to a level where you produce good stuff depends on you and your enthusiasm for creativity. Within a few months you could be making beautiful artworks, and once you have the basics you can start specialising on what is required for different fields (like for websites). The best way to learn I found, was to get a little bit of grounding on what the tools and layers etc do, and then find interesting tutorials, mainly based around pretty picture making, those will teach you in a fun way without too much technical jargon.

      Then for the webdesign, wordpress has become a great tool to make websites without having to code. There are certain plugins and themes which allow you to do anything a conventional web designer could, and often better (wordpress has some great SEO and functionality plugins).

      Photoshop is a passion for me, and I am lucky enough to be at a level (after messing about with it on and off for about 10 years)where I can create anything my mind can conjure up, it is a tool with huge potential and a great way to let out thoughts and anxieties too.

      If you havent seen it already, have a look at my other website , there is art and a link to more of my art on there. Let me know what you think, and if you want any more info or help, send me an email and I would be happy to point you in the right direction. :)

      • Thanks so much for your response Tyrhone. I will take your advice and do tutorials after I finish my books. I did check out your site, and it’s really impressive what you can do with Photoshop. I especially liked the art section, all of it is *so* creative. Take care. :)

  4. Tyrhone,you and Sarah are truly amazing ! It is difficult to put into words the admiration I have for you both.I love the article on our jungle visit !!! Awesome day.Would you please send it to my email so I can share it with friends. I do want to subscribe to your blog,have done so with Sarahs.Blessings,Patty.

    • Hi Patricia, thank you for the very kind words. It was lovely to see you in the Jungle and it was a great day indeed. I will send it through for you. Take care :)

  5. Tykie…I still remember you as a blonde curly haired little boy…you have one amazing life and have achieved so much. Wow…congrats and hope to one day meet up again.

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