07 Nov Please don’t touch my testicles again, massage gone wrong

Laying on the table staring at the ceiling tiles, I wondered how I had gotten into this position again, not the lying naked on a bed part, I do that most nights while staring mindlessly at the telly, the part where two men rubbed hot oil into my skin and massaged / fondled my exposed genitalia. "Here we go again", I thought, another weird massage experience...
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Our Koh Chang Hide away

21 Mar Cambodia,Kampot, Snooky, Koh Kong and Koh Chang…What up

Since my last post it is fair to say we have been a few places, done a few things, and done a lot of nothing. So to save time and get around my terrible memory, here are the bullet points with additions where I remember them.


Kampot, Cambodia - An old french haunt with the crumbling facades to prove it, at first it doesn't seem like there is much here, but spending a week gave us time to find it's hidden charms, one of which was a palatial room for a pittance where I could work for a few days. We also biked up Bokor mountain, and made it to the top this time. There was a heavy fog which covered most of the view, but we could still stand at the edge of a cliff and view the forest canopy a thousand feet below.. Hey look, no guard rails!
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