Travel with a Paramotor, an amazing journey
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Flying around the world...

On the 5th February 2014, I flew to Valley Springs California, and learned how to fly a Powered Paraglider at the Blackhawk Paramotor Ranch. It took me 32 years to find Powered Paragliding (or Paramotoring), but when I did, I had no choice, I had to do it. Now my girlfriend and I have brought along this amazing flying machine to compliment our travels around the world.


I am flying a Blackhawk Kestrel Pro weight shift unit with an Airmax 220 Paramotor. My wing is a Velocity Elektra meant for beginners and intermediates and can also be used for free flying which I will try one day.


Go Here to watch some of my paramotor videos.


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25 Jul
Paramotor flying with crazy winds in Mexico

[vc_video link=''] Check out my other Paramotor videos here! I had not flown for 6 months so could not wait to get back up on my paramotor. Which is why I made a bad decision to fly even though I knew it was not good weather for...

25 Jul
All my Paramotor Launches

It has been just over a year now since I first got into the Powered Paragliding game. So far I have taken my flying through three countries but really haven't flown anywhere near enough. Mostly because being a beginner it was hard to find places which...

06 Jan
Paramotoring Whitefish Montana. Flight 22

My second paramotor flight in Whitefish and my 22nd overall. I had a terrible take-off this time and a not much better landing, but I know what I did wrong! When launching I overcompensated the wing by pulling too much right brake, when I should have...

powered paragliding half moon bay
20 Nov
Powered Paragliding Half Moon Bay in California

My second powered paragliding flight back in the USA was without a doubt a doozy with some fairly intense turbulence. It also marked my twentieth flight which when I look back over how hard it was to get to this point, makes me fairly proud of...

Powered Paragliding Las Vegas
02 Nov
Powered Paragliding Jean Dry Lake Bed Las Vegas

Back in the USA for the first time after my training here just over nine months ago and I had my first Powered Paragliding flight in an amazing location, the Jean Dry Lake Bed outside of Las Vegas. I put together what I think is...

Paramotor launch Mexico
24 Sep
Sunset Powered Paragliding flight in Mexico

What is it like to watch a sunset over the ocean from seventeen hundred feet in the air while sitting on your own private swing? Watch the video to find out and then have a read about an amazing day. After two weeks without any Powered Paragliding because...

14 Sep
Cool Calm Kiting at Sunset

Feel like chilling out to some super smooth timelapse and slow motion kiting during the sunset over the Mexican Ocean with Xavier Rudd singing "Follow the sun"? Well you have come to the right place. I have made a short video of my kiting yesterday at sunset...

11 Sep
Kiting the storm

Paramotoring is not all about flying, there is also a lot of ground work required if you want your launches and landings to be as pain free and even fun as possible. And the best way to practice Paramotor launches is by kiting your paraglider....

The Vampire Diaries
27 Aug
Stop listening to your brain.

It had been about a week since I had flown, and I was starting to get that feeling again, you know the one I mean, the one that says "You should really be doing such and such". I still struggle with this sometimes. The feeling that there are...

beginner paramotor
10 Jul
Paramotoring at it’s best! with a suptacular video

I have now gotten up in the air here in La Penita on two separate occasions. Both times I was on the verge of soiling my pants, but this last time I actually managed, in between large bouts of fear, not to soil my pants...

Paramotor Mexico
15 Jun
Getting back to “normal”, and a funny dance routine…

Slowly but surely we are edging our way back to what is the new normal in our lives, travelling without travelling, living without the regular rules, and just enjoying being alive. For a little while there these things left us, me in particular, and the...

Sarah in Guatemala Antigua
16 May
What next World?

  I finally have my engine back, and it actually engines! It has been about a month since my paramotor engine blew a piston, although it feels like much longer. I was just starting to get really confident with the whole flying thing when it happened, when...

blackhawk paramotor training
03 Apr
My Paramotor career comes to a stand still (video)

  No more Powered paragliding for this fella. Check out the video below and then have a read as to why. I have blown a hole in the piston of my Paramotor. After a total of about 3 hours flying, at about 100 meters up, the engine...