On the 5th February 2014, I flew to Valley Springs California, and learned how to fly a Powered Paraglider at the Blackhawk Paramotor Ranch. For some reason it took me 32 years to find Powered Paragliding (or Paramotoring), but when I did, I had no choice, I had to do it. Now my girlfriend and I have brought along this amazing flying machine to compliment our travels around the world.

After a handful of flights I packed up my Paramotor and flew back to Mexico. Now a several months later and after one blown engine which had me out of the Paramotoring game for a few months, I am really getting the hang of paramotoring. I still get nervous and need a lot more practice, but my launches and landings are getting great and I am less scared of sharp turns in the air.

I am flying a Blackhawk Kestrel Pro weight shift unit with a BH 125 Paramotor. My wing is a Velocity Elektra meant for beginners and intermediates and can also be used for free flying which I will try one day. For the moment though I am just going to keep practicing and become the best Paramotor pilot I can be.

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