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Living around the world.

17 Feb
All my Paramotor launches from beginner to… Beginner

It has been just over a year now since I first got into the Powered Paragliding game. So far I have taken my flying through three countries but really haven't flown anywhere near enough. Mostly because being a beginner it was hard to find places...

05 Feb
Three years of freedom and not giving up

It has been just about three years since we left Australia to embark on this lifestyle, give or take a few days. I'm not very good at remembering what day it is any more, unless I have a skype call to make or a toy...

Colorado mountain man
22 Jan
Snowboarding, the Rockies, and a crash

For those of you who don't know, Sarah and I are not professional snowboarders, in fact it is quite the opposite, unless you count a week 6 years ago we have nary given it a thought throughout our travels. BUT! For some reason when our...

06 Jan
Paramotoring Whitefish Montana. Flight 22

My second paramotor flight in Whitefish and my 22nd overall. I had a terrible take-off this time and a not much better landing, but I know what I did wrong! When launching I overcompensated the wing by pulling too much right brake, when I should have...

18 Dec
Ellensburg, on the road again

So we're back on the road again having left Miss Amazing and Montana behind, and one of our first stops on the way to Portland is a little unexpected place called Ellensburg. Usually on these driving days we get to places too late to have...

whitewfish lodge montana
17 Dec
Breaking up is hard to do

I am not a believer in public break ups, but sometimes you just need an outlet for the pain, a way to say goodbye and to release all the crazy thoughts swirling around inside your grief stricken brain. So with that in mind please bear...

RiSE festival las vegas
26 Nov
The RiSE Lantern Festival in Las Vegas (video)

Our American road trip has already taken us through some amazing parts of the U.S. There is such a variety of landscapes and lifestyles in this one country that it almost boggles the mind. It is one of the reasons we decided to road trip...

whitefish vacuum killer
23 Nov
A creature of comfort

I have stayed in a lot of places in my time on this Earth, moving around more than a teenage orphan with behavioral issues and a penchant for substance abuse. The abodes I have aboded in range from a sleeping bag on wooden boards in the freezing Himalayan...

Blackhawk paramotors radio pack
21 Nov
How to make a Blackhawk Gopro Chest pack

So I like to be thrifty and save money where I can. I also like paramotoring and new toys, and I have a lot of time on my hands since busting my foot. So I decided to do some arts and crafts and make the...

powered paragliding half moon bay
20 Nov
Powered Paragliding Half Moon Bay in California

My second powered paragliding flight back in the USA was without a doubt a doozy with some fairly intense turbulence. It also marked my twentieth flight which when I look back over how hard it was to get to this point, makes me fairly proud of...