Singapore Travel, Stay away from the orange stuff

First off there is something you should now, in Singapore ( first stop in our travel ), spicy food is spicy, not spicy like from the local curry place in OZ spicy, spicy like why does my mouth feel numb and burn at the same time spicy, Singapore spicy, stay away from the orange and red stuff, especially when there are already 2 variations of chilli on your plate. That valuable lesson brought to you by the inevitable state of my bowels tomorrow morning.

But anyway, here we ( Sarahsomewhere Travel blog) are on day one of our travels, sitting in a hotel in Singapore after one of the spiciest and as such sweatiest meals I have had in awhile, from a street stall in a random little part of the city, with smiley, happy, and just like everywhere else in the world, not so smiley and happy people, and although it is only the first day, already I feel more content and relaxed.

The feeling I have is very different from what I have experienced on numerous holidays, on what is almost a subconscious level, the realisation that this is our lives now, not just a break from life, makes each moment seem so much more meaningful and poignant, and this is just the stop over.

Singapore Travel

I started out today with a decent plane ride, bothered a bit by a lingering headache which persisted into Singapore airport, onto the train, and on the hot, humid walk to the hotel.

Admittedly my spirits were a little low from the thumping in my head and the twin of Sarah’s backpack, which I can now confirm is very much made for the female form and incredibly uncomfortable on my slouched male physique. But once a couple panadol kicked in and I hefted the weight from my tortured spine and shoulders, it began to set in what was actually happening… We made it.

All the cancelling, selling and stress that came from shucking the self made coils of my previous lifestyle, is done.And although I’m sure there will be a different sort of challenge along the way to be overcome or embraced, at least they will be different, and mixed with so much cool shit as to seem insignificant.

So now I will finish off my dessert, which I don’t know the name of but has sweet brown stuff and coconut in it, drink my horlicks milkshake, maybe fire up the old ereader, and unlike the affable Winston…Chill.

Singapore travel first, then, watch out world, here we come…slowly

Singapore travel
Leaving Perth

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