Going to the Dentist in Thailand

Years ago my mum needed extensive dental work, in the U.K., like in most Western countries the dentist costs a fortune. As such, we briefly looked into going over to Thailand to get the same dental work done at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately my experience with Thailand, and travel in general, was a lot more limited than it is now.

As such I was highly skeptical about the legitimacy of most of the places I found, and equally unsure about organizing things like accommodation for the two of us. Now however, I have the experience to feel comfortable with not only using dentists in Thailand, but also with dolling out a bit of info for anyone, who like my pre-travel self, is unsure about whether or not to travel for cheaper medical care.

I have been to the dentist previously in Bangkok, about 3 years ago, and that experience was not so good. The work was cheap, but the dentists themselves were a major let down, from walking into the reception, to leaving. This dentist who’s name I do not recall, threw me into a dentist chair, pretty much demanded I had x-rays, and then quickly and painfully cleaned my teeth. The x-rays were completely unnecessary, but meant they could charge more than double what I should have paid. This slightly unnerving experience put me in a skeptical place when, this time around, I needed more dental work.

The Betty Smile Dental Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

Dentist Bangkok Thailand
Dr. Yong and Nurse Ooy

About 2 years ago I broke 2 teeth, I also had a few little holes which I was a bit worried about. So on our journey to and through Perth, we decided to stop in Bangkok to get some cheap dental work done. I spent a few days researching where to go, best prices, facilities, english speaking and so on. And in the end, somewhat overwhelmed with information, and having read at least one bad review for every few good reviews. I decided on the Betty Smile Clinic.

There are a few reasons I went with Betty, the main one is because they are easy to find, and easy to get to. They are dental clinic located at MBK, a large shopping center in the city (also the location of my favorite cinema in the world!), on the 5th floor near the food court. To get to MBK all you have to do is get on the sky train (A rail which runs through the city above ground), and get of at the “National Stadium” stop. The shopping centre is right there and all you have to do is walk on in, go up a few escalators, and hey presto, welcome to Betty Smile, Thai Dentist extraordinaire.

Their prices also, are more or less the same as many other places around Bangkok (which is to say, cheap), especially if your on a Western currency. And so it was I found myself making an appointment for the following day to have a check up, probably a few fillings and a clean.

On the day, I walked into the clinic, was greeted in a very friendly way, and led into the dentists chair, where my happy Dr. and nurse (Dr. Yong and nurse Ooy) sat me down and asked me in clear English what I was after. This is where my skeptisicm kicked in, I was expecting the assault of you need this, and you need that I had become accustomed to in Thailand. Rather though, I was told I didn’t need some of what I expected, and even, that I didn’t need x-rays! I thought there had been some mistake and questioned it, sure enough, the dentist knew what I needed, layed out the cost, and asked if I wanted to go ahead.

This was such a relief, from then on I felt comfortable in their hands. This was made better by the dentists excellent work, she was very thorough, but pain was kept to an absolute minimum. I ended up needing to have most of a tooth drilled out and filled, which required a mouth jab. Even this hurt less than my previous dental experiences attempts at a clean. My fillings ended up costing more than normal because of the size of them, which I completely understood, and I did end up having one x-ray because one of my holes was so deep and close to the root. The consultation fee was waivered though and the whole deal (two enormous fillings, an x-ray and a full cleaning, plus a few free pain killers which a lot of dental places will try and charge you ridiculous amounts for), which was about 2 hours of work, ended up costing around $150.

The clinic does all sorts of work and I recommend checking out their dental clinic website to see if they do what you need. I also have a photo of some of the services and prices they provide (sorry about the quality).

Bangkok Thailand dentist
Work and prices

Accomodation in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking for a place to stay in Bangkok, we stay at a block of apartments called “Sathorn Saint View”. They are located in a lovely area away from the hustle an bustle, yet only 5 minutes walk from the sky train, you get off at “Surasak” and walk away from the street to find it. They charge about $130 if you stay for a week (that is $130 for the whole week), or $20 per day if you book for shorter. Again probably not the cheapest you could find, but they are clean, have A/C, rooftop pool, friendly staff and wifi, and there is a fantastic Thai restaurant next door. Here is their website.

If you want to go to a dentist in Thailand, because you are scared of the cost in your country, I can vouch for coming and having it done in Thailand. You get your teeth fixed for a fraction of the cost, and get a holiday out of it too. It really is safe, and a win win situation.

Betty Smile and Sathorn are in no way endorsing this post, and I am purely writing it because it was without a doubt, the best dental experience I have ever had.


If you have any questions about Dentists in Thailand, accommodation or anything else to do with Bangkok, Thailand. Let me know and I will get back to you.


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  1. Hi Tykes,I remember the hours and hours spent trying to find a place,the indecision,and finally giving up on the idea, how good would it have been to have found advice like this for us to follow up, your smile is looking great, can’t wait to skype with you and Sarah again, love you lots xx

  2. Thanks mum, that’s what I was thinking. Might be some other soul out there needs their teeth done without remortgaging the house.

  3. Good call dude.. I was in MBK today eating and googling ‘good bangkok dentists’, or something to that effect and found your write-up. I had clean and polish for 1000baht as I have no fillings but they did point out signs of decay which i could see in the mirror. Should have this done every 6 months… I hadn’t seen a dentist for 3 years.

    Overall good service and pleased with the job done, would recommend!

    Good article!


    1. Thanks mate, always happy to help a fellow dental dodger out. They is good peoples there, helpful but not pushy, rare in Bangkok.

      Glad I could help.

      Enjoy Bangers!

  4. Hi Tyrhone,

    Thanks for writing about the experience you had with dental care in Bangkok. Where do you do your research? I’m finding it difficult to find reviews of the clinics, only ads. If you are aware of any forums on this topic, please let me know.


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      No worries, when I searched I got mixed reviews from everywhere. In the end I probably used http://www.tripadvisor.com the most. Searching in google for “Bangkok Dentist Tripadvisor” brought up some good reviews.

      In the end though I just decided to go to Betty Smile Clinic, because I had read a couple good reviews, and because they were close. I would still highly recommend them.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. Hi I have read your comments on Betty Smiles and was impressed with what you said. When did you write this information re Betty Smiles on your website?

      1. One thing that I did forget to ask, is all the dental equipment used in the dental surgery e.g. needles for injections etc. new or cleaned re-used ones. Asking because of the possibility of contracting hiv or other infections from non hygienic and sterilised equipment.

        1. Hey Paolo, can’t say for sure but they are a very professional outfit. I was impressed with how clean everything I could see was, so I don’t think it would be something you need to worry about too much.
          By the way I am a web designer and if you ever want to redesign your website let me know, I charge a lot less than you might think 🙂

          1. Just out of interest may I ask as to why you specifically choose ‘Betty Smiles’ over other dentists in Bangkok?

          2. Mainly because there were so many options all around Bangkok with so many conflicting reviews, I decided just to go with one I had seen, was easy to get to, looked clean and had some good reviews. Basically I took a chance and it worked out well.

  6. Hey Tyrhone,
    found your review of Betty Smile at MBK this morning and went to have my teeth cleaned. They are still at 1000 THB for cleaning and I find them very professional as well. Got there at 11am and the first answer was: come back at 3pm for the next available slot. But then after some phone calls they managed to get me a slot after 10 minutes. And the cleaning was very thorough, much more so than my previous experiences in Pattaya (which were not bad at all in themselves).
    So thanks for the review!
    Dominik (from Germany)

    1. Glad to hear things are still good there, and that you had good service. I too was amazed at how quick and easy everything was, from booking through treatment. In Australia or the UK I would have waited much longer, and paid a hell of a lot more.

      My pleasure Dominik 🙂

  7. Hi Tyrhone

    Many thanks for this,they sound great! I’m desperately seeking a dentist in Thailand that can replace some old bridge work and having looked at the Betty Smile website it looks like they don’t do them. I have emailed them to confirm and am waiting for a reply, but in the meantime wondered if you may have any other recommendations elsewhere?



    1. Hi Lisa, sorry but I didn’t try anywhere else. I think you might be OK with the bridgework there as they seem to have a specialist who comes in and does major stuff. I was almost going to have a root canal but had to wait a few days for the specialist and I was leaving Thailand so couldn’t. Hopefully they will do the same for you. Good luck with it though and happy chewing 🙂

  8. they are sensational …. I have gone to them for years. Had two broken teeth at the rear and they totally rebuilt them when there were only 3 sides out of 8 sides left. Would have cost me thousands in Australia and they were about $400 for rebuilding them, xrays, full clean and I was in the chair for about 3 hours.
    They were so patient and gentle as I am a little phobic about the dental work and unbelievably I broke another tooth a few months ago so am organising to go back and see them again …. worth the flight costs to have the peace of mind of knowing that my teeth are in good hands…. knowing they are booked up I emailed them or rang them and booked on line or over the phone so that I flew in and had the work done in the morning had lunch in the afternoon and shopped and flew out that night…..

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