Back in Perth

Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia

It is a strange feeling returning to Perth. We have only been gone for 6 or 7 months, and our return will only be a few weeks long at most, but it still has a feeling of finality. Almost like coming back from a short holiday and preparing to go back to work (ugh). I suppose it is a preconditioned feeling born of 15 years of doing exactly that, working for 11 months, and then having one off to try and cram as much in as possible.

The return is necessary, taxes have to be calculated and paid (double ugh), unresolved money issues need to be sorted, and we are heading through Australia anyway on our journey to South America (or are we? Stay tuned). Even though we have been gone for so long, the admin that came with our previous life cannot be escaped. I have had to reactivate bank accounts (because using a bank card overseas has deactivated said accounts), try and get a sim card which will be recognized internationally (for banking again), pick up mail from old addresses, and as mentioned, head to the accountant to give the government all my money.

I cannot deny that a part of me thinks, “oh yeah, it wasn’t that bad living here”. Then the more realistic part punches me hard between the eyes and says “Yes it was! You hated being tied into a job, a mortgage, a city”. That part of me is sooo right, I can understand people wanting that life, I am just more aware now than ever before, that I don’t. Give me that lost, “I don’t know what I’m doing” feeling any day of the week. It can be tiring, but it sure is fun.

In it’s favor, Australia is a beautiful country, the weather is amazing at the moment, we get to catch up with friends and family, and generally just take a breather from exotic locales and faraway lands (boohoo). Another benefit of this is that it has given me a renewed drive to get on the road again. After being in Perth for a few days, I can feel that I will shortly be craving the cultural diversity that is lacking in a young nation like this one (especially if you have lived there and sucked all you could out of it already). Staying with Sarah’s mum means we get looked after for a few weeks. She has even been kind enough to lend us a car so that we will be able to get around (neccessary in Perth where almost nothing is within walking distance).


Working hard, or hardly working?
Working hard, or hardly working?

I have also made some headway into setting up a few potential earning opportunities, mainly selling my artwork online (have a look), but also starting work on an app for travelers, it has a long way to go, but when done, Sarah and I think it will be a great coo for those on the road. Then there is the planning as to where to head next. We have been settled for some time on going to South America, first Chile then Argentina, but having the freedom to do so, we changed our minds, and it looks like we will now be heading to Mexico!

We wanted to focus for a few months on developing an income, and that is difficult when your traveling around trying to see the sites. So we will more than likely end up in Mexico for 2 or 3 months, and soak up the culture in more or less one spot. I am really excited about seeing the place, having an explore, and weirdly, I am excited about doing some work! The only rational explanation I can come up with for this, is that I have enjoyed a life of travel so much, it has made me want to ensure that I can maintain it for as long as possible. Also, not having to work, making my own hours, and doing the things I want, means I don’t mind it as much, in fact, it doesn’t really even feel like work, more like a holiday from holidaying.

So we have made a few inquiries into where and how, who and what, and thanks to the marvelously helpful travel aficionado  Wandering Earl, we have a contact in Playa del Carmen, who will hopefully be able to find us some cheap digs, so that we can make the most of the next few months.

Some times I pinch myself, which is neither here nor there, but interesting nonetheless. More relevant is that I often question the reality of this lifestyle, how is it possible? Is it possible? It seems like a fantasy, like the sort of thing you read about other people doing on the internet (that’s you by the way). But it is my life now, and once the decision was made, it was easier to obtain, and is easier to maintain, than I ever would have thought possible. It just takes a little work.


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  1. Hey, that’s a glorious photo of Perth, whoever took it must be really talented… P.S can I use it on MY blog since that’s why I took it? Oh, and can I just write a post and say, “ditto”? I suppose it’s a good thing we are on the same page… 🙂

  2. Adrienne Elliott

    You will love the Carmen area. Puerto Morales, just north is a favorite holiday spot of ours, and if my husband ever takes off from it all, I know I will find him on a beach south of Tulum! Sorry no recent posts from me, but I have been following you. We have made it to Fairbanks, and are off to Denali next. Are having a great time.

  3. Hey Adrienne, good to hear from you, I know when your traveling sometimes the last thing you do is go on the internet. I’m looking forward to Mexico, part of the beauty of last minute plans is not knowing what’s ahead.

    Glad to hear you guys are having fun, would love to see some pictures and hear about your travels. Have fun.

  4. Hi Tyhrone,

    Welcome home. I enjoyed chatting with you in Chengdu too. Sorry for the late reply, but the Great Firewall kept me out of my site. I’m now in Thailand–in Sukhothai. I think it’s even more beautiful than I did when I was here 5 years ago.

  5. Brian! Great to hear from you mate. I think ours was one of the most interesting and enjoyable conversations i had in China, and you made me even more determined to learn the guitar, which is great for everyone who doesn’t have to listen to my terrible attempts.
    I dont know Sukhothai, but considering the places you have been, if you say it’s beautiful i will have to check it out.

    Thanks for reading and keep in touch, im going to head over to your blog and see if you’ve had a chance to update.

  6. What a wonderful adventure for you both and huge kudos on grabbing life by the horns and living it!! So very proud of you, you’ve come such a long way xx

  7. Just a meek blast from murky past. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you both are and how awestruck and proud I am at how well you’re doing. Not just “well” but following the life/dream you always wanted – its a huge feat! A feat most people never come close to achieving in their lives. It brought a huge smile to my face when i stumbled across this blog yesterday! GO MR T! Incredible! Safe travels to you and Sarah for the next leg of your adventure. The world is your oyster xx
    (You dont have to post this one by the way, but couldn’t see any PM features)

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