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Well it’s finally done, I am Launching the new Tell Them I Said Something! After designing Sarah’s site and being quite happy with the result, I became somewhat disillusioned at the ugliness that was my previous blog.

In an attempt to make a design site and blog in one, it became apparent that the vision I had for the individual aspects of each did not gel well, hence the mess that used to be “tell them I said something”. So I took the time to build two separate sites and could not be happier with the results.

Now I have, my new web design, graphic design and art site, and this here travel blog your looking at right now.

On top of that I have re-entered the world of Facebook and created a page for this blog, and one for EyePudding. It is funny how much social media technology can change in a few years, and I have gained a deeper appreciation for the old people refusing to get into the whole tinternet revolution thing.

If you have a look around the blog, you may notice an attempt at humour, no, those mini-mes in the header aren’t actual photographs, I wish I looked that dashing in traditional dress. I decided to go the humorous route for the blog because most of what I write, has at the very least, a humorous tinge to it, and occasionally even garners a giggle or two from the people and bots who stumble across it.

The Homepage has had a much needed face lift, and uses a couple of sliders, one for recent stories, and the other to show off some of our pics from the photography page. I also included some maps so if anyone has a hankering to read about a certain place, bob’s your uncle, there it is!

I have updated and prettied up the photography page, and will continue to refine it when Sarah and I eventually go through the forty odd gigabytes of travel pics we have strewn across various hard-drives and computers.

The About Mwah page shows my more egotistical side, displaying my oversized head as a most definitely not worthy Jesus (or hey-zuse as they say in Mehico).

And I urge you to visit the Contact Me page for a snapshot of my glory days as a professional dancer.

All in all I really like the outcome, still needs a bit of work, I think it could be a bit tidier and more intuitive, but both gave me a chance to flex my web design muscles, and reminded me why I love to create things.

Oh and on top of that, I saw ancient Mayan ruins, scootered around mountain villages in Southern Mexico, and swam in a waterfall, but all of that’s for the next post.

This is after all a travel blog, so lets get cracking!


Let me know what you think of the new design, and if your looking to get something built, designed or made pretty, send me an email and I would be happy to help 🙂


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