Blogging Success and the Green Eyed Monster

In case you hadn’t heard, Sarah’s Travel Blog made the top new blogs of 2013 on “Almost Fearless“. I am very proud of her blogging success, and glad she is getting the recognition I believe she deserves. Her writing style is fun and easy to read, and she adds an honesty to it which makes you feel like you are reading about the life and times of a real person ( a real person you actually want to read about).

I would be lying if I did not admit to being a little jealous of her blogging success, my blog is doing pretty well, and my audience has shot up about 400% in the last couple months, but such is the nature of blogging, that the more success you achieve, the more success you crave, and the more popular other blogs are, the more you want to reach their dizzying heights while denigrating their “undeserved” fame. At least that is what I gleaned from the Green Eyed Monster who keeps punching me in the back of the head, evoking an angry lust for internet fame which I thought myself immune from.

Blogging Success, Green Eyed Monster

I sometimes find myself perusing someone else s blog and thinking “My blog is just as good, how come they are so popular?”. For the most part I think a lot of these great bloggers have done something I often struggle to do, be consistent. Bi-weekly posts, maintaining a theme, joining in with the community of their chosen subject, and basically just working harder than I do. Oh and of course there is the talent thing.

The Art OF Blogging Success

Some people are born writers, and have an ability to make words flow in an interesting way with seemingly little effort. They bring you into their world so that you feel like their experiences are yours, they are almost guaranteed blogging success just by touching a keyboard. My style I think is a little less elegant. I write the way I think, and I write about what I’m thinking when I’m thinking it. As such my niche of travel is not always the thing I write about, and when I do write about it, it tends to meander around the subject.

Basically if you’re looking for travel information, this is not the place to find it. If you’re looking for prose which would not be out of place in a Shakespearean novel, it probably won’t be here (although occasionally a nugget of silky smooth vocabulary will flow from my convoluted mind to my waiting digits ), if you’re looking for a complete, A to Z, coherent story, such organization will seldom present itself on any post of mine.

Don’t get me wrong, these sort of blogs make for a fantastic read, and often allow you to lose yourself in a world of fantastically interesting things. The way I write however, is more like mental diarrhea, with ideas and opinions exploding across digital porcelain in an uneven pattern, only explainable through the inventive use of Chaos Theory. That is not to say what I write is shit, I was using a metaphor, I just think poo makes for great metaphors.

The Green Eyed Monster had me by the Testicles

I see this blog as a way to express what happens in my head, and although I have strayed somewhat from that ideal, I would like to re-commit myself to the reason I started blogging in the first place. I wanted to create something which was uniquely me and mine. Something which would let my personality out to anyone who is interested in the life and times of a nobody (violins at the ready). To a large degree I have done that, but the carrot of blogging success has somewhat swayed me from my (self) righteous path, the Green Eyed Monster lured me with his pretty gaze and promise to be gentle, and I lost my way in a field of hits and pageranks.

Blogging Success, Whale Burger

I know the methods for creating a good Pagerank, I know how to pull in the punters (that’s you!), unfortunately though, to write the things I want to write will hinder my pursuit of this lofty goal. I have no doubt I shall continue to grow as an online presence (Time + Posts + Sarah’s Coat Tails = Traffic), but am sure the growth will not be as rapid while I continue to write about Science, Philosophy, Politics, whale burgers (coming soon, it’s gonna be a doozy) and testicles.

Congratulations Sarah on a fantastic achievement, especially because I know that unlike my wayward self, you have achieved it writing solely what you want to write, and with very little care for things like SEO or hits. Your writing, like you, has been true to who you are, you have built it and they have come. You have a fantastic following in full growth, and you have done it in style, you bitch…

Keep on writing and I will try and keep the Green Eyed Monster in check.

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  1. Want Green Eyed Monster syndrome? Just become a food blogger. I usually soothe my jealousy by thinking of what people looking at food blogs really want to read–20 different ways to use a ranch seasoning packet. That’s never going to be me. I’ll never write about 30 minute meals using canned green beans and I’ve accepted that. Usually.

    I’m jealous of Sarah and Kim (and all the other naturally fabulous writers out there) and I haven’t even TRIED travel blogging yet. But then I remind myself that the point of my food blog was to practice writing so it didn’t feel so damn hard and the point of the soon-to-be travel blog is to document our journey. Not become rich and famous. Guess I’ll have to rely on my organizational skills to accomplish fame…oh wait, that’s not a ticket to stardom? Damn again.

    1. Hey Carmel, thanks for reading. Organizational skills are greatly under appreciated in my opinion. Stardom is an elusive mistress/mister, one which I am far from achieving, if only everyone else felt about me the way I feel about me. I would be sooooo famous by now 🙂

      I look forward to reading your travel blog and all.

  2. I think blog jealousy is all part of the process (insert condescending tone here). I’ve had serious bouts of it myself!! My blog wouldn’t be what it is without your technical and moral support, not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t even BE on this journey without you! Who’s a bitch now punk?!

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