What would you do with a year?

So here I am in Mexico again, a place which has become like home to me. Playa del Carmen has a certain something, or rather a certain everything which makes it seem like the perfect place to continue our journey. Only our journey has changed.

We left Perth just over a year ago to follow our dreams, to travel the world and live the life we dreamed of, but as we have traveled we have grown, and with our personal growth, our dreams too have evolved. Where once travel seemed like the life we definitely wanted, now a new type of travel has entered the fray.

We have decided to settle in Playa del Carmen for about a year, and use that year to do the things, and become the people we have never had the time to be. We have loved the travel, and will definitely continue to do so after our year or so is up, but right now, we have a different dream, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to follow it.

What would you do with a year?

So, what would you do with a year? Well, for me it means achieving and learning a number of things, it means facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and finding my path. My goals in no particular order are to:

Quit smoking – Anyone who reads my posts knows I am an avid, unapologetic smoker. I have been such for about fifteen years. Although I still enjoy it, there are aspects of it which have started to become detrimental. Fifteen years of smoking is a long time, and I feel that if I don’t break the habit now, I never will. So with the help of the drug Champix (which I bought over the counter in a Walmart here in Mexico, no prescription required, viva le Mexico), I will in the next few weeks quit smoking, and will chronicle the ups and downs here on the blog.

Get fit – The last few years I have steadily been slipping in the old exercise department. Once something I could not do without, I can now comfortably class myself as overweight, and dislike greatly the way it feels, and the way I look. So I will be chronicling my weight loss here on the blog with bi-monthly-ish updates on my progress. I have the advantage of having previously been a personal trainer and knowing my subject in and out. I have the disadvantage of bad knees, a torn something in my neck, and, well, being fat.

Learn guitar – I started this in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but the short time there meant I didn’t get anywhere near to capable on the six string beast. This time, with a year to learn, I plan on knocking out some crazy tunes by the time my 365 days are up.

Work on the blog and web design – I have the blog doing pretty well now, my monthly hits have doubled each month for the last 3 months in a row, and I feel I am coming to some resolutions as to where the blog is heading. Also I have picked up a number of clients for my web design business, and have a few bites out there in cyber space. Plus, I love creating things, and it is as much fun as it is a job to me, so I want to see where I can take it.

Write a book – Maybe not one people would have expected from me, but I have what I think is a great idea for a book, and already know I would like Brad Pitt to play the main character in the movie version, so pretty much halfway there! 365 days is a relatively long time, and with a couple hours of writing most days, I know I can create something great.

Skydive – it is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but always managed to find a way out, mostly because of fear. I know I want to do it, I know I will shit myself when the day comes, but I also know I will love it when I am speeding towards the ground and the world stretches out before me. I am planning to jump on my birthday which is at the end of May, and am excited as hell at the prospect.

Live –  Aside from all the above good stuff, I also plan on relaxing, swimming in the Caribbean, walking down the beach, eating great food, and just living. As much as I love traveling, it has a certain stress which comes with it, and limits the amount of things you can achieve outside of those travels.

What would you do with a year?

This year is about doing all those things you wish you could but don’t have the time for, about trying things which you aren’t sure you can do, but won’t know until you give it a proper go. I am almost thirty two now, and the dreams I had as a younger man are starting to seem unattainable and even pointless. I feel that at this age I am setting habits and roles in motion which will likely remain until the day I die, and want to make sure I embrace and achieve the things I love or believe I will love, and discard the things I don’t, a lot of which I want to truly experience and embrace before making my decision.

This will be an amazing year, and I am extremely excited to be here, at the start of so much opportunity, life has never felt bigger, has never offered such variety.

It will be a very big year, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy being ridden… “Hold on, that doesn’t sound right?”…

So what would you do with a year? I would be interested to hear what dreams you would follow if you were in my shoes, say hello and let me know…

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  1. This! Yes! –> “We have decided to settle in Playa del Carmen for about a year, and use that year to do the things, and become the people we have never had the time to be.” Yes, yes, yes. This is what I didn’t know I wanted until I settled here in Goa for just a few short months. This is what I craved when I wanted to quit my job and travel. I wanted the TIME to become the person I have always wanted to be. We have some more moving around to do in the future but I know that, soon, I will need a year or two years or whatever to do just what you and Sarah are doing.

    P.S. I quit smoking with the help of approximately three million life-savers (and if you don’t know what those are they’re like mentos sort of). Also, lots of gym time. You can’t be fit AND a smoker, that’s just the damn truth.

    1. It is quite a revelation when you realize that youhave the option to follow such a goal. At first there was a feeling of “what about the travel?”. But the more we thought about it the more we realized what an opportunity we have here. I am sure when the time comes you will absolutely love it!

      I know i will miss smoking in a way, but as i,m getting older i am learning that prioritizing 1 thing over another can lead to fantastic rewards. Its the reson we are where we are today. I was gonna go suckers, but i will give the lifesavers a go and all 🙂

  2. So just out of curiosity, how are you and Sarah funding your year in Playa? Will you live off savings or will you work this year too?
    I also think this is an awesome idea! Go you 🙂

    1. Hi Sacha, thanks for commenting. It will be a mix of the interest from our savings and online work. Our blogs are doing really well and i have a few websites on the go. I will also hopefully pick up more work with my website http://www.eyepudding.com

      One of the great things about Mexico is it is a lot cheaper to live too!

  3. Good luck on quitting smoking! I quit about 8 years ago, and as much as it sucked, life got a lot better afterwards (its amazing what being able to breath properly can do!). The down side: life on the road has made me want to start smoking again!

    Enjoy your year Playa del Carmen!

    1. Thanks Brian, I would be lying to say I wasn’t a bit nervous about traveling and wanting to smoke. Whenever I have pictured myself driving through the Atacama, or staring down at Machu Pichu, There has always been a fag in the hand. I just have to remind myself that it’s because of the addiction I struggle to imagine those things without it. Picturing myself sucking on a lifesaver doesn’t seem quite as dramatic.

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