Life in Playa del Carmen

Each morning in Playa del Carmen, at around seven am, we wake up and eat a bowl of cereal with strawberry yoghurt. We get into our gym clothes and by seven forty am are out the door heading for the gym. The sun angles in at seventy degrees having freshly crested the horizon. Mexican business men are setting up their shops for the day, occasionally calling out to the few souls awake at this time, then turning back to their chores. On the walk to the gym I pass by three roads leading directly onto a white sand beach, with beautiful blue water lapping the shore.

Playa del Carmen streets

After an hour and a half of working out, we take the same route back home, busier now as the holiday makers are waking for breakfast and coffee. We walk through the gate of the secure apartments we now call home, walk through the door of our apartment, and head straight for the shower.

After a shower we make up a pot of coffee, I roll a smoke (soon to come to an end!) and head out to sit in the lush green courtyard to check emails and other internet things. We drink coffee and ease ourselves in to the day.

It is around this point either Sarah or I will say something like “Can you believe this is our life now?”

The rest of the day offers so many options, some days we might head down to the beach for an hour or so and swim in the cool Caribbean waters. We might work a bit on our blogs, go for a wander around Playa del Carmen or just chill out and see what comes our way.

We have not yet fallen into our routine, mainly because we are yet to move back into our old apartment in the same block. It feels like we’re not quite home yet. In about five days we will move back into our previous apartment, one of the best things of which is internet in the room, which will make it a lot easier to work and write.

What a place to “work”.

I love it here in Playa del Carmen, I love the lifestyle, the people, the opportunities, the food, the sun, the language and on and on. I wonder how many times I can question the reality of our situation, or sigh in absolute relief when it dawns on me that this is indeed my life now.

More so than ever I question why more people don’t do this. The idea of going back to Australia, of going to work, of owning property and cars and such, and all the responsibilities that come with that life, seems impossible to go back to. When we first started our journey, and still to this day, people questioned when we would be back. If we said “Maybe never,”  a few would say things like “Well you have to go back sooner or later” or “I bet they’ll be back in blah blah years”. I couldn’t blame them, even I questioned the reality of what we wanted to do.

Now though, I can safely say, this is the lifestyle for me. There is no going back. I could never again see my life revolve around a full time job, an office or a mortgage. I could not bear the six am stop at Mc Donalds for a coffee, and then the half hour procrastination outside of my work place, trying to work up the enthusiasm needed to get through another day.

sunrise playa del carmen

It is a wonderful life we have built for ourselves. It does have its own challenges and stresses of course. I do still have to earn an income, I do still have to work almost daily, but it is work I enjoy, and I get to make my own hours. Every now and then we catch ourselves moaning about something, almost always it is something ridiculous like “they over-charged us by five pesos” (about forty cents), or “It’s too windy on the beach today”. Then we realize how great it is that those are the biggest stresses we have to deal with.

Each day in Playa del Carmen is full of opportunity. Not to make piles of money, not to have the best day every day, and not to experience new things all the time, but to have the opportunity to live and to be, to absorb moments fully, to appreciate how fleeting time is, and to know that we are no longer wasting it.

Time has long been my arch nemesis, responsible for bouts of sadness and depression. It still leaves its mark on me, but now that I have any and every moment to live in almost any way I see fit, it feels like I have added a hundred years to my allotted time.

And I intend to make the most of it here in Playa del Carmen.

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  1. Sounds perfect. I think what’s missing from my life is choice. I feel like I don’t really have a choice in how to spend my time because I have to earn a living and currently, that means reporting to my office every day at 6:30am. I am tired of it. I know I’ll work hard, I just want it to be on my own terms. I like what you’ve got going there…

  2. The other day Brian said “I just hate walking in this loose sand” and then we just looked at each other and were like OMG, THIS IS WHAT WE BITCH ABOUT NOW??!?! And then we laughed. Because life is good.

    1. Ha, life is great when sand being too loose is your biggest concern. I’m currently trying to get over putting too much milk on my cereal this morning 🙂

  3. I love this post! We too are living the life of our dreams and sometimes catch ourselves complaining about the most ridiculous things! Then of course, we laugh at ourselves!

    We are off to Playa del Carmen next month so I am so happy to hear how wonderful you think it is. I cant wait!

    Thanks for a great post 🙂

  4. Thanks Nicole, you will absolutely love it here i am sure. I read your latest post, and what you say about freedom is exactly what i get from Playa. Hopefuly we’ll see you in the old del Carmen!

    1. Hello Kristin! Wow, 13 years, I can see how easily that could happen, it is an amazing place! I’m sure we’ll see you around in the next year or thirteen 🙂

  5. HI Thyrone, We are a couple of blogging retirees. We are lucky to house sit and budget travel full time. Found your post while trying to decide between rentals in PDC or Puerto Morelos. They both have good points, but are so different. Any tips? We will spend December through April in one of these places. Time to decide! Everyone should have such problems, eh?

      1. Hi Laurie, no worries. Me personally I would definitely choose PDC over PM. PM is lovely and we go there every now and then for lunch, but Playa has so much more all in walking distance! Also you will be here in high season which means fewer renting options in PM as well as it being more crowded.

        Playa will also be busy but you can walk a couple blocks back and be in the most wonderful local areas with tons of amazing cheap eating options, away from the tourists and fifth avenue (the tourist street, interesting to see but expensive and tiresome after awhile).

        Playa has amazing contrast between easy convenience and interesting local, I don’t know if you have seen it but my Missus wrote a free guide to Playa on her website which will tell you all the best places to stay, eat and visit while here.

        Also if you don’t have a car everything is a lot more accessible from Playa than Puerto. In case you weren’t sure, my vote is a thousand times yes for staying in Playa, and taking a few trips to Puerto. Chuffed to see you guys living it up in this amazing world we have to explore :). Let me know if you have any more questions and I would be happy to help.

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