Quitting Smoking with Champix

I am quitting smoking! It is about damn time to…

I have been smoking for about sixteen years now, and in that time my habit has fluctuated greatly, from ten a day to thirty or so a day. Sixteen years at an average of twenty cigarettes a day means in my lifetime, I have smoked around one hundred and ten thousand cigarettes!

quitting smoking

In that sixteen years I have quit once for about three months. When I did so I felt great, and near the end of that three months I actually felt like I did not need or want to smoke anymore! Then something stressed me out, like big time stressed me out, and it sent me straight back to the smokes, I wanted something destructive to match the stress I was feeling, and smoking fit the bill perfectly.

That was about three years ago. Since then I have not made any effort to stop whatsoever, and to be honest, have not wanted to. My affair with smoking has been a turbulent one, and I have at times worked out how much of my habit was addiction, and how much was because I truly enjoyed it.

About six months ago I realized that I had reached a tipping point, the addiction had sneakily taken over from the enjoyment to a much larger degree than before, around eighty percent of the cigarettes I smoked were due to addiction, and only about twenty percent were because I was actually enjoying them.

Have no doubt, smoking can be extremely enjoyable, for me there is nothing quite like a cigarette and a coffee in the morning, it is one of my favorite things to do. The problem comes in with the other twenty or so cigarettes I smoke through the day. There is no middle ground for me, not in life and not in smoking, I either quit, or I smoke, and I cannot smoke anymore.

Why have I chosen now to quit smoking?

I am thirty one years old, soon to be thirty two, when I wake up in the morning, my chest feels tight, and if I yawn, my lings close up and hurt like hell. My sense of smell is starting to fade noticeably, along with my sense of taste, and it often makes my stomach cramp up. I am also trying to lose weight, and I know that the cardio required for this will be a lot more difficult when I am struggling to catch my breath.

It has been a long time coming. In the past I have not even entertained the notion of quitting smoking, but now the time is here. If I do not quit now, I never will, and if I never quit, I know where it will lead. I may not get cancer or some other smoking related disease which would kill me (I realize the risk is higher if you do smoke, and it is one of the reasons I am quitting), but even without the threat of death by disease, there is reason to stop.

Aging scares the living hell out of me, as does its eventual end point, death. When I see people in their later years, struggling to walk, struggling to breath, even struggling to get out of a chair, when I see them losing their memories, or their will to do anything, it scares me that I might head down that path, and that I will head down that path sooner and more intensely if I continue to smoke.

Although I know there are no guarantees in life, and that even if I quit smoking and exercise every day, I could still end up in that position. I also know that if I do quit smoking, exercise more and look after myself, my chances of a healthy longer life are greatly increased, and with any luck I could end up going for jogs in my eighties, and being active right to my dying breath.

Champix the Wonder Drug

Mexican Champix

It is without a doubt time to quit, I will never have a better opportunity than I do now. Little stress, lots of time, and Champix! I managed to buy some Champix here in Mexico, and three days ago I started the course. I have not stopped smoking yet, the way it works is that you keep smoking until the Champix makes you not feel like it anymore. Within one to two weeks from now the Champix should make me stop wanting to have a cigarette, and even make me feel sick when I do. When that feeling arises, I will have my final cigarette, bid adieu to my former life as a smoker, and welcome my new life as a healthy, non-smoking, gym enthusiast. At least that is the plan.

Side Effects

So far I have had a few side effects, for a few hours after taking the drug I feel a bit out of it, kinda like I’m coming up on something. I also feel a bit testy now and then, like last night I had problems with this site, it ended up just being the host provider doing maintenance, but rather than check this out first, I went through the rigmarole of deactivating and activating loads of plugins, before getting pissed off and leaving it be. As you can tell it is now working and my frustration was for nothing. My stomach has also been a bit off, and I almost emptied its contents on the treadmill this morning, luckily for my fellow gym companions it stayed down, and I stopped running for fear of a repeat. Despite these little concerns, I do think I am already smoking a bit less, it will be interesting to see how I feel in a week or so.

How I plan to make it through

To help me reach my goal of quitting smoking, I will have the Champix, I will have the gym which already makes me smoke less, and I will have my guitar, which I am learning and which should give me something to do with my hands. On top of this I shall scour the streets of Playa del Carmen for large quantities of lifesavers (thank you Kim of So Many Places for the tip).

The hope is that all these things, along with the stress free environment which is Playa del Carmen, will help me on my way to being a healthier, longer-lived individual.

I have faith in myself this time, I know I can do it, I just have to remember that I want to do it, and once the habit is broken, remember the things which drove me to quit. As a friend of Sarah’s said “Quitting is easy, I have done it a thousand times”.

So here is to a longer, healthier, fuller life, one free of cigarettes, and full of lifesavers.

If you have any questions about Champix, Smoking, or anything else on your mind, ask. I will be happy to help. If you would like to receive updates follow me by email, or like me on Facebook.

0 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking with Champix”

    1. Thanks Kim, sounds simple enough, and if I’m as good at quitting smoking as I am at actually smoking, it should be a breeze!

    1. Thanks Adrienne, I’m trying not to do the whole “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t” thing and just give it my all this time.

  1. deodorize your home, throw out the lighters and ashtrays, avoid all people and places that could be triggers and then quit cold turkey. nicotine gum, patches or anything else doesn’t work in my opinion. i smoke 40 years and it was my best friend. now i’ve quit for 20 months and still would ;like to reach for a cig and light it up, but it gets less frequent all the time. smoking is the most evil habit a person can have and very hard to let it go. you never really quit but you are quitting day by day and you might even hate yourself for depriving yourself that your rational mind knows is harmful while your irrational minddoes not care at all about reason.

    1. Hey nubwaxer, thanks for commenting.

      I felt like I needed the Champix just to give me that first push, and from there I will just stop, no patches or anything as they kind of go against the point of Champix (it inhibits receptor sites for nicotine). I feel with that little push I can do it. I will as you say remove myself from anything smoke related, and just hope I have the willpower to say no, I think if I can (and I will) make it through the first few months, I will be good, probably always have an occasional urge, but have quit.

      I agree, smoking is the hardest thing I have ever had to give up, in my younger days I was addicted to weed and speed for a time, when I realized how it was screwing with my mind and my relationships, I quit! It was hard, but not as hard as this. I think smokes being so readily sold and available everywhere, means you have a constant reminder of your addiction, and so it is that much harder to think about anything else.

      But enough is enough, if I want to do the other things I have planned for my life, smoking has to go, it is a choice I know I have to make, but Goddamn it is not an easy one to stick to.

  2. Oh man, it’s hard, but it’ll be so worth it. I wasn’t a huge smoker and didn’t have to use anything to help me quit, but I’m so glad I did. I don’t even sneak half cigarettes from my friends anymore when we’re out. I actually have zero desire to do so, even if once in awhile, in my head it sounds good. And oddly enough, my running improved. Go figure.

    Go get ’em! You can do it! woo woo! <– Ok, that's all the enthusiasm I'm allotted for the week.

    1. Thanks Carmel 🙂 I know from my one previous quit experience that it is doable, I just have to get over the next few months. Sarah said she is gonna be patient with me if I get iffy, and I don’t have any friends to sneak half cigs from, so that helps to. So many people have smoked in their lifetime, but it also seems like everyone is giving up now, its soooo taboo, and I wanna be one of the cool kids 🙂

    1. Sup, is that a metaphorical where are you like “You’ve changed” sort of thing. Or just like a “where are you haven’t heard from you in awhile?” sort of thing?

  3. Im also from playa del carmen and thinking about to start champix. Can you tell me where you bought the treatment and how much you pay??

    1. Hi Audrey, I had heard a bit about dodgy suppliers in Mexico, so went with somewhere I thought might be a bit more trustworthy. Walmart! They have a pharmacy near the back, I just went in, asked for it and viola, they gave me the four week pack. It isn’t cheap at $150 US, but cheaper than it was in London.

      I needed something to help me make the break, and already at 6 days in it is working quite well.

      Could luck with quitting, and if you have any questions I am happy to help. 🙂

  4. Ran across this post while I was searching for Chantix in Merida MX(Maybe it was as simple as asking for Champix) Could you tell me where you got it? I know there are a million farmacias but I tried to hit all the bigger chains with no luck…. Thanks

    1. I actually ended up getting it from the pharmacy in a local Walmart in Playa del Carmen. You should have one there as they seem pretty common. I am surprised the pharmacies did not have it though. Good luck mate. Almost a year clean and can definitely say it is worth the initial difficulty.

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