Mexico Yucatan Road Trip in Photo’s

When Sarah and I did our recent road trip through the Yucatan, we did the standard traveler thing and took a couple hundred photographs to immortalize the journey. Due to an oversight on the camera charger, the majority of these were on our Samsung Galaxy S2’s, but despite that they are still surprisingly good! Probably not the best photographs ever taken in the world ever, but they do a great job of showing what the Yucatan is like.

It is sometimes hard to express in words how beautiful a place or an experience can be and feel. But when Kim (of so many places fame) created an amazing photo post on Kathmandu, it really brought back for me what it was like to be there. So in a copycat sort of fashion, this post will use a lot of photographs (15 so be prepared) with a few words to try and share with you how amazing our home in Mexico really is. I invite you into our world to experience the Yucatan, Mexico with us. This truly is a beautiful country, and I hope you enjoy this little bit of it with us…

small town Yucatan Mexico

 The town square, the town shop, and pretty much the entire town.

rickshaws Mexican

Hanging out at the Taxi rank in Izamal (Yellow Town)

Mexico Yucatan izamal horse

Larry the horse hangs his head in shame at his owners flamboyant choice in headgear.

Mexico Yucatan Izamal

The big Yellow Church in Izamal, it’s big, and it’s also yellow.

Mexico Yucatan statue

The walls keep the church interior cool while its religious paraphernalia keeps it creepy.

Mexico Yucatan church interior

Often the only discernible differences form church to church are their size and how many racial types of Jesus you can spot.

Mexico Yucatan coke truck

The Mexican passion for Coke is ever present.

Mexico Yucatan bicycle

If it ain’t yellow, it ain’t welcome here.

Bicycle Mexican Town

Painted walls are common in the small towns around Mexico, as are Mexicans.

Mexican Church

They sure do love a good Church in Mexico

Mexico Yucatan Merida

Our amazing Hotel Hacienda Merida. The pool was fed with fresh water from underground springs, it was hard to leave such amazing accommodation and I would recommend it to anyone looking to treat themselves.

Uxmal Mexico Ruins

Ruins at Uxmal. Some of the best we have seen in Mexico. This Chinese couple were clapping their hands for about 10 minutes, the structure causes the sound to echo back, it’s a cool effect they definitely made the most of.

mexico Uxmal Ruins

One of many iguanas which sit on the ruins soaking up the sun, he saw me coming, and didn’t move an inch, that’s cojones for you.

Mexico Yucatan uxmal

Preparing my camera equipment for the next shot, and shielding my recently fried skin from further damage.

Uxmal view

The view across a very flat Yucatan. It is easy to imagine the Mayans staring out across the landscape over a thousand years ago, or maybe just peeking in other peoples windows.

And that was day 1 in the Yucatan! For the second part of our trip in photos, which is even better! Take a look at Mexico Yucatan Road Trip Part 2. Peace.


0 thoughts on “Mexico Yucatan Road Trip in Photo’s”

    1. I think after India and Kathmandu most places would seem calm 🙂 It really is exactly that though Kim, calm and inviting, it is going to be tough when the time eventually comes to leave.

    1. Thanks Hannah, I love the churches, one we went into had a big group (gaggle/flock?) of sparrows flying around inside, it was quite a zen moment, and the hotel was amazing, it’s nice to have a treat once in awhile when you’re on the road long term.

  1. I love the photos Tyrone. Do they use any other colours other than yellow? It’s not necessarily a bad colour as its the one that represents happiness. Seeing the yellow churches & houses actually reminds me of southern India. Although, the Indians did get a bit more creative by adding other colours. Can’t wait for part two.
    – Jill

    1. Hi Jill, thanks for reading. I would say yellow seems to be the most dominant color in certain parts of Mexico, but a lot of the churches will be a muddy red or just muddy from age. And of course you get the buildings painted pepsi blue or coke red 🙂

  2. Great photos! It’s amazing what you can do with a mobile. I love the fact that you are like us on the amount of photos you take. We took 1000 in Burma in 18 days! Crazy. Never would have happened with film.

    1. Thanks Paul, I remember when my mobile phone barely fit in my pocket, and all it did was make and recieve calls! Ah how backwardz we once were. At first I wasn’t a fan of the 1000 photos ability of the modern era because it almost makes great photographers defunct, then I realized it made me seem like a great photographer and I was a fan.

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