Mexico Yucatan Road Trip Photos Part 2

Part 2 of our great drive in the Yucatan (Part 1 is here if you missed it), more or less corresponds to day two, or three, my youthful indulgence in chronic Chronic makes it hard to recall… Either way we took in more tiny towns, churches, beaches and bizarre pink water. It was a long day ending in a four hour night drive from Ria Lagartos to Playa del Carmen. But we only got stopped by the police once and I didn’t have to watch out for Kangaroos!

San Francisco Mexico

Probably not the San Francisco

Mexico Peeling wall

I’m no painter, but I think you are supposed to scrape, then paint.

Old Mexican Man

I don’t mean to alarm you, but, uh, you seem to have painted that tree. And you’re wearing socks with your flip flops.

Mexico Yucatan Woman

Just moseying along, very, very, slowly…

Mexican bells

The main church in Tizimin, it’s really quiet large.

Mexican Kids

The school bus in a small town we passed through.

Mexican couple

Wandering the quiet streets in a town with no name. Well, not a name I can recall.

Mexican man reading

Reading the fine print at the home of the best Flan in Mexico, Tizimin.

Mexican Cross

Although the walls were once covered in paintings, they have all but disappeared now, leaving only a trace of what was.

Jesus in a submarine

jesus robe

The priest’s pajamas.

The Red Salt Lakes of Las Coloradas, no relation to the Red Sea of Egypt.

red blue Los Colorados

Which side would you rather go for a dip in?

Los Colorados car

We had the whole place to ourselves, no tourists, no one chasing us off their land or charging an entrance fee. Just us and the flamingos (they’re hiding in there somewhere).

Rio Lagartos Boat

Our final destination before the four hour drive home, Ria Lagartos. We dined on a whole fried fish each and watched the sun go down. The town was surprisingly quiet, but all the better for it.

And those are some of the highlights of our drive, there are a thousand other little things which made the journey spectacular. Little shrines along the road. Rally driving across deserted salt strewn sand roads in a tiny little Matiz. Beaches without a soul in sight with the bluest water you have ever seen. An ice cream seller standing at a junction without another person to be seen. The crumbling gates of a hundred deserted Ranches on roads surrounded by jungle.

So many experiences added up to make this an amazing trip. If you get a chance to come down this way, don’t do a tour. Grab a car, turn on Google maps, and just drive.


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  1. I love google maps. Matt & I did a week of free camping because of google maps. We looked at the tracks/ roads close by towns. And bingo we found awesome beaches and just us. So we pulled the caravan up and had prime view and paid $0!!
    – Jill

    1. I often wonder how we got along without it. Imagine having to carry around an actual paper map! Even when sarah did the rickshaw run they used her galaxy s2 and google maps to navigate, across India!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, pictures, and terrific information. Someday perhaps with inspiration from people like you… I will take the leap of faith and just do it too! I love the pictures, and your sense of humor makes it read easy and fun. Cant wait for your book!

    1. Wow thanks very much for the encouraging words Lisa. Here I thought I was the only one who laughed at my jokes 🙂

      If you really want it, I have no doubt you will have it. Glad to have you reading.

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