Pizza and Cenotes in the Mexican Jungle

A couple days ago we received an invitation from one of Sarah’s friends who owns a piece of land just outside of Playa del Carmen in an ecological development called Sac-be. The land around hers is still quite undeveloped and is privately owned by some seemingly back to the Earth type of people. The houses in this area are in various states of completion, some no more than a few walls and half a roof, even so this does not stop people from living in what’s standing. It seems a simple and quiet life, and they seem happy despite the lack of cable TV and hands free electricity.

So we were invited with a group of friends to go for a wander through the Mexican jungle (albeit slightly managed Mexican jungle, my favorite kind), then for a swim in a secluded cenote or two, and then finally to a still-in-development house for wood-fired pizza.

They got me with the wood-fired pizza part.

I have to admit I am not usually one for social gatherings, in fact some would describe me as the cover child for anti-social behavior, but I thought it was about time I proved to Sarah’s friends that I am more than a stunningly charismatic and handsome figment of her imagination.

Here is a photographic follow along of our day on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, and what I assume is Jungle because I do not know how else to describe the Flora out here…

Mexico Playa del Carmen Jungle Shrine

We started the day by lighting a candle and saying a prayer, I’m not really one for prayers but I can appreciate a good shrine.

Mexico Jungle Cenotes

Then it was off walking through the Jungle, we had paths but still, there was Jungle either side.

Mexican Jungle Cenote swimming

We passed a family and their puppy swimming in one of the Cenote scattered around the area.

Mexican Jungle mom

Just standing in the Jungle, as you do. I kept waiting for Mowgli to show himself.

Mexican jungle statue

An artist is one of the land owners and his statues are spread around the area, sometimes almost hidden from view.

Mexico jungle statue

Imagine wandering across this one during a night time jungle stroll.

Mexican jungle flower

Mexico jungle flower

Jungle Flowers, it’s like the jungle you see in the movies, hardly any bugs even!

Mexico jungle cenote

And after walking through the hot Jungle for an hour or so… Cenotes (and bats, and guano).

Mexican jungle cenote

Wrapped in the towel / bed sheet / beach blanket / sunburn cover / must have accessory after a refreshing swim.

Mexico jungle cenote

The water is as cold and refreshing as it looks.

Mexican Jungle pizza

And what better way to finish off the day than wood fired Jungle Pizza! We each got to make our own, and mine was the best, cause I say so.

It was great to get away from the design stuff I have been working on, if even for a day. So thanks to Sarah and her friends for a great day out, to Playa del Carmen for all its hidden marvels, and to you for reading. Peace.


0 thoughts on “Pizza and Cenotes in the Mexican Jungle”

    1. I even lost count of how many pieces I ate! The story continued when I took a whole one home, covered it in “Tyrhone’s Special Pork mince” and mayonnaise, and ate that for dinner!

      I kinda hate and love myself for that particular invention. It tasted so good but felt so bad afterwards.

      1. We used to make pizzas every Friday night when I was staying with my family in Spain. We had one called the Carmel Special, which was basically just everything on it. Lots of meat, lots of cheese, lots of veggies. I figured the veggies were redeeming enough.

        1. I like your style. I never understood why you would stop at just a few ingredients when you have the option to taste everything all at once!

    1. The cenotes are SO refreshing, especially when the suns belting down in summer here. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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