Skydiving in Playa del Carmen, The Video Proof

Those of you who have been paying attention will have read my invigorating, life altering description of an invigorating, life altering event. It was titled “Holy F#*K I jumped out of a plane!“, and pertains to my first skydive a few days ago. It was a doozy of a post and if you haven’t I suggest you head on over there first, you deserve it.

If you have read it, welcome to the movie version. After much messing about I have finally put together a video of my jump from what skydiveplaya had recorded for us. The video they made was pretty good, but after a few mix ups on requested format the final quality was a bit low. That and I wanted to inject a bit of “me-ness” into the thing.

So without further ado, here is me, falling out of a plane / skydiving. Get ‘er dun…

PS. If you just want to see the jump and for some reason don’t want to leer at my sweaty visage for a few extra minutes, jump to 01:50 in the video.

[vimeo 66927325 w=854 h=480]

Also for an ecstatic Sarah on her skydive, check out her post and video on Soon to come, my sister and her less exhilarated expressions. Hasta luego.

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0 thoughts on “Skydiving in Playa del Carmen, The Video Proof”

  1. Wow. Again. I am struck by how BLUE that water is and how gorgeous the coast is. And holy crap is that guy who jumped with you calm as a cucumber. How many times has he done that? I’m amazed how easy he makes the landing look.

    1. The view from up there is amazing, that is when you get over the idea that you have just fallen out of a plane. I think a couple of them (I assume he is one ’cause he’s all over Youtube) have jumped around 11 000 times. It must be like going for a stroll down the beach for him.

  2. oh, wow, wow, wow, absolutely fantastic to watch you in this and assimilate it with sharing the experience with you right before, during, and after, and remembering us all sitting here watching Bren’s video and planning yours.
    Can’t wait for Bren to splice them all into one for me,going to watch Sarah’s now, and tell Taunee to get hers on for me. I love it, thanks Tykes, ps, is that the hotel where you’ll all be staying soon? love you lots xxxx

    1. Thanks mum, I gotta try and upload it again for Bren. Uploading in Mexico is a loooong process. I have to put Taunees together for her and then we’ll get it up here. Still hard to believe we all jumped!

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