A few days at Akumal lagoon

A friend of Sarah’s (Lisa) invited us and a few other people to come spend some time with her down in Akumal at a Villa she had rented for the week. If you have read my blog before you will know we love Akumal and never hesitate to take visitors down there for the beautiful beach, and in particular for the turtles which feed within snorkeling distance from the shore. It is a beautiful place to see nature in action.

What I had heard about but never been to was the lagoon at Akumal. The lagoon feeds straight into the ocean (I’m not sure if that is an obvious statement and the very definition of a lagoon or not, but anyway…) and is a weird mix of cool saltwater and freezing fresh water. It is beautifully clear and you can actually see where the salt and clear water mix. Somehow the fish seem to thrive in this mix and as you snorkel along there are hundreds of them, big and small, blue and yellow, feisty and frightened.

005-akumal-lagoon 006-akumal-lagoon

The villa itself is a 3 level beauty with the distinguishing feature of having had the grateful dead stay there at some point in the past, that and it has private access onto the lagoon which means you can just sidle on in and let the current drag you all the way to the sea, as long as you are prepared to swim back against said current. I did which is why I did not feel so guilty about the enormous portions of spinach pie, lasagne and empanades which made up my recovery meal.

One thing which you can count on with nature, is that it tends to be very natural, and our private villa backing onto a lagoon was no different. Aside from the iguanas poking their heads out of the rocks, I also had a near miss with a scorpion which found its way into our room. I first noticed him sitting on my bag when I went down to the room to use the facilities (if you know what I mean), having no way to catch him I decided to do my business (which was becoming more pressing by the second) and deal with him afterwards. Unfortunately afterwards he was gone. I don’t usually fret about these things and as such let it go making a note to tell Sarah to be careful when going through our stuff.

Being the more clear headed of the two of us she immediately went down to the room and begun a search for the poor fellow. A few minutes later she returned and let me know that he had crawled into my wallet, and that if she had not taken action I would likely have been dead by this very afternoon (or at least very sore), and as such she had saved my life.

That was not my only brush with the great beyond though, after saying saying goodbye to Shelly (our whale shark buddy) near the lagoon I turned around on the jetty to leave and was cut off by what was likely the worlds largest, fastest and sneakiest snake (at least/most a meter long). He darted between Sarah and I less than a step away and then disappeared into the trees. I of course had distracted the snakes attention in order to save Sarah from what would have been a vicious attack, so now we are square on the life saving thing. So there.

004-akumal-lagoon002-akumal-lagoon 003akumal-lagoon 001-akumal-lagoon

Here is a short 30 second video of Akumal Lagoon to go with the pictures.

[vimeo 75437418 w=600 h=337]

The place was beautiful and thank you lots and lots to Lisa for letting us join her for a fantastic couple days away from my otherwise terribly taxing permanent holiday. It was also great to see Alison and Jorge down for a few days, Jorge got to float in the pool which is the first time he has swum in many, many years. As if that wasn’t enough I even got to go on a rant with Lisa as we explained to Shelly why I have such a dislike of Apple and the overpriced, locked down products they offer to their customers. Lisa was kind enough to point me in the direction of this little video about Apple which explains it beautifully.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg?rel=0]

Sarah is still at Akumal lagoon for a few days, but I have come back home to finish off some work and eat flan. Unfortunately Mega had run out of flan which has almost single-handedly turned an awesome few days into a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions. I love flan and miss it dearly.


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7 thoughts on “A few days at Akumal lagoon”

  1. Haters gonna hate. Apple…fo life!!!

    And yeh, a Lagoon is an ocean inlet basically, what is not as normal, is the mix of salt and fresh water.

  2. Tyrhone, wow what an experience. I would have faintedon the spot had I seen that snake. I was looking forward to going to that lagoon, have seen it and it was gorgeous. I will be watchful when I do go. I love Akumal as well and the turtles, Their access is so easy. HEADS up: I was told green or brown snakes ok. Black or yellow not so good? don’t know and don’t want to find out. Watch out for black scorpions as well, I guess it just wasn’t your time. Glad you had a great adventure that’s why we’re here. I do need your mechanic and where he’s at. Also, do I need an appt. for registation of car or just show uo? Thanks

    1. Hi Linda, it was nice to get away from getting away for a bit. We use speedy mechanics on the other side of the highway, they charged us a “gringo fee” but they were pretty good otherwise. And no you don’t need an appointment at all. You just walk in, turn left and walk up to the counter that says something about “Auto blah blah”. I might know someone here with great Spanish who could help you out with that side of things. I’ll let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

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