New design and a new way of blogging

Yay my new design is done! I have had Tell them I said something offline for a few days in order to build my idea of the perfect site (one which will likely change again when I get itchy fingers and want to redesign it, again).

One of the things which hasn’t quite worked for me with blogging, is having to write full posts more than once a week, sometimes even once a month. When I sat down and pondered the reason for this I came to what I think is a wonderfully wonderful solution / reason.

Although I don’t have the kind of stuff going on at the moment which easily amounts to a thousand words or more twice a week, I do have stuff going on. I do have things which happen. Funny stuff, serious stuff, stupid stuff and just plain stuff stuff. I also have some great photographs which don’t necessarily fit in a post but I would like to share. So what is a modern day blogger to do?

Drum roll please… I am going back to basics!

Dear Diary

Blogging was originally intended to be a sort of diary, yet if you look at a lot of blogs these days, they are more like a weekly column, it is just the way things have evolved. The problem which I have so brilliantly surmounted is who the hell wants to read a thousand words about all the banal shit which makes up most peoples lives, mine included?

The solution itself is that the front page of my blog now has a “DAILY-ISH JOURNAL”. The point of which is to record things I find interesting most days (I have to admit straight off the bat, every day is not likely to happen for me) in a quick and cuddly way. Hopefully with a bit of wit and style, plus a photo of something which describes what it is like to have had the day I have had, good or bad.

Instead of an email every time I post, I will send out an email to my subscribers once a week or once every two weeks just with the good stuff from the Journal and some extra bits and pieces like art or schnazzy pics. Why so seldom, because an email everyday would just be annoying, and if you want to read it everyday you know where to find me. When I write a full post it will be included at the top of the new newsletter-styled subscribers email.

Also on the front page is a link to a video from my Vimeo account. There is Travel Photography from our travels (and my photography gallery) which changes every time you refresh or return to the page, and My Art Gallery which does the same thing for my Art Gallery. The “Start Here” links to some of my more popular posts and to posts which I think show a good mix of what the blog is about.

Add to that Instagram, an About section for newbies, Recent Posts and the “Places I’ve been” section, and I think it is a fairly robust system which works more like the diary style which blogs were originally intended to be, minus the gunky stuff if you don’t want it.

I am excited to be able to communicate with y’all more often and paint a more elaborate picture of our lives for friends, family and everyone else who happens to stop by. To be able to show you day to day what it is like to live in Mexico, to travel around the world, to deal with the little things and the big things. To hopefully make you laugh with (and probably at) me. I am excited to make this blog what I originally wanted it to be, a day to day look at another human beings life. Good, bad, ugly or ridiculously stupendous.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we’ll definitely chat soon. Now go have a look at the new Homepage!


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0 thoughts on “New design and a new way of blogging”

  1. Loving the website style, I’m toying with overhauling mine. How is the book going? Are you going to be embracing National Novel Writing Month It’s my new favourite thing, well, it will be when we hit November.


      Thanks Jonathan, they say a change is as good as a holiday, even better when the change is on a holiday.

      Unfortunately the book is going slow, I have written a few more chapters but since I quit smoking I have had a hard time focusing, Cigarettes were like my Samson’s hair I think. But there is nothing like a whole month of reminders to guilt me into getting stuck in again. 🙂

  2. Why not go for the November challenge then, the target is 50,000 words (admittedly a short novel) but with no edits, not looking back and just moving forward. It has to be something completely new, perhaps doing it will stimulate more creativity for your original manuscript.

    Is the not smoking still happening? Well done if it is.

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