Early morning walk to the gym in Playa del Carmen

I had originally intended to hit the gym 5 or 6 days a week, then reality set in and I remembered that I get very lazy. So much so that I didn’t actually go to the gym for about a month despite my original intentions when coming to Playa del Carmen.

But the encroaching discomfort of my abdominal girth has sent me running back to the treadmill and it’s cousins, so now 3 times a week Sarah and I hit The Gym, and I am enjoying it! We wake up at 07:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and head down for a physically satisfying start to the day.

My rotundedness has a ways to go, especially because there is no way I can give up Flan or any food for that matter, but it is a great way to get the day started and makes us get up and at ’em where we might otherwise take hours to get moving in the morning. It also makes waking up whenever for the rest of the week feel more deserved.

Anyways, here is quick video of our little wander to the gym each morning in our adopted home of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Enjoy!

[vimeo 76712362 w=600 h=338]


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