The movies in Playa del Carmen

We went to the movies today, it was an impromptu decision because why not? First we stopped in at Burger King to get our free burgers (thank you Wonder Bread for the promotion and your welcome for the 6 loaves of bread we have consumed this month), bought coke outside the cinema (because we are too cheap to buy the cinema coke) and shared a large popcorn. “No biggy” you say, “It’s the weekend”.

Except I didn’t know it was the weekend, that’s what is so exceptional about how we do (by “we do”. I mean travel).

Yes we are travelers, yes we are currently living in Mexico. But the way we have chosen to travel might make other travelers question the efficacy of our claims.

“You haven’t seen any sites for a month?”

“You haven’t even been to the beach this week?!”

“All you did today was go out for lunch and then watch telly?!! That’s not how you travel!”

Nope, nope, yes, and you don’t know how I travel!

I am more relaxed and chilled, or as we cool kids say, chillaxed, than I have ever been in my life. Over the last 7 months in Playa del Carmen we have realized that we will never travel the same way again, we will never be those guys or gals or guy gals you see running from one place to the next. Kudos to you all who do the go, go, go thing, but that seems almost as stressful as working a full time job to me.

I love to travel, but I also love to relax. The beautiful thing about having no end date to this whole thing (except for when I cark it), is that I will get there, when I get there, and not a minute sooner, ’cause this is how we do.

Check out the cinema below, and remember that it only cost $4 each, and that’s the higher weekend price. Oh and we watched “Runner Runner” aka “Apuesta Maxima” (in English with Spanish subtitles, except for when they spoke Spanish, which was a little annoying because I don’t), it was pretty good.


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