Molesting a Mexican in Playa del Carmen

I’m not sure what you all do on your Sunday mornings, but even though we don’t live the conventional lifestyle here in Playa del Carmen, I am pretty sure our Sunday morning doesn’t look very different to yours, except that it is not followed by the Monday morning blues, because Monday morning for us is like Sunday morning with more people around.

We woke up at about 7:30 this morning and went for a wander down 5th avenue, although during the day 5th avenue is a labyrinth of catcalls from vendors trying to suck you in, at that time of morning it is wonderfully quiet with the only other people about being the coffee drinkers and joggers.

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

This meant I had the perfect opportunity to molest a statue we have walked past often but never really considered utilizing. There is always someone sitting next to the extremely Mexican looking bronze man having their photo taken, so today was my turn.

mexico-kisses-1 Mexican kisses in Playa del Carmen

After we had a cuppa from our favorite spot, Ah Cacao, and then back home to spend a large portion of what remained of the day in my underpants, lovely.

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