Car wash and street wandering in Playa

Sarah’s mum will be here this evening. We are heading out to the airport at about 23:00 to get her in our super duper car. It was our super duper dirty car up until an hour ago, but in an attempt to fool Pam into thinking we take care of our stuff (we don’t, we say we will, but then we often don’t), we decided to take her for her first wash (the car, not Pam).

Playa del Carmen car washAfter dropping her off and being told to come back in an hour we went off to wander the streets of Playa del Carmen in search of anything to pass the time. Luckily whenever we go for a walk we find hidden gems, things which might not be gems to most folk but which Sarah and I just love the charm of. Tiny little stores with cooler boxes to keep the ice cream cold. Graffiti sprayed across walls, the gayest statue in Mexico, and the barred up liquor stores.

Although the $8 wash and clean was disappointing, the car is now cleaner than it was before, and we can go and get Pam (Sarah’s mum for those of you who weren’t listening) with our heads held at a slight upward tilt.

And here are some delightful pics form our wander around Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Peace.

Gay Statue in Playa del Carmen Mexico
Such cute little shorts!

Tower in Playa del carmen

bottle store in Playa Mexico
Yeah I’ll have a Big Mac and some Fries…

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