Trees in funny places, the photo series begins…

Yaaay! The first in a potential new photo series I will be running, “Trees in funny places”. At least it will be a series as long as I can keep finding trees in weird places, which considering Playa del Carmen s Penchant for building around trees rather than uprooting them, or just building slightly to the left, should be awhile.

Almost every time we step out in Playa del Carmen, something odd or funny or interesting grabs my eye. One of the most prolific occurrences which reflects lights of varying hues into my eye and back through the optical nerve to be translated into what I understand as images by my brain… Is trees where trees should not be, or depending on how you want to look at it, houses where there should only be a tree.

So without further ado. The series first tree shot taken yesterday in the heart of Playa del Carmen…

Trees in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Oh hey look at that tree across the road, it almost looks as if….

Tree in the wall Playa del CarmenHoly Baby Haysoos it is! That tree is in the wall!

Ohhhh Playa, you never cease to amaze me. Wondering where the next tree will pop up? Check back on a semi-regular basis to possibly find out. OR subscribe here and I’ll come to you (via email, not like showing up at your door or anything weird like that).


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