The Beach is back in Playa del Carmen!

Yay and ecstatic-ness! The beach has returned to Playa del Carmen. “What do you mean by that?” you may be wondering. Well for the past couple months the beach and sea around Playa del Carmen has not been that nice. The water has not been so clear and there has been an odd smell wafting from the depths which although strongly brings to mind images of sewerage floating around ones legs, I am informed is just the sea being dredged up by the recent storms and what not.

But I went down to our local beach (loosely named Mamitas beach for the beach club which resides there) this morning with Sarah, her mum Pam and a friend from back in Perth, and the water was beautiful!

Playa del Carmen beachPlaya del Carmen beach

The smell was gone leaving behind only salty sea air, the water was crystal clear again, and the sun is now showing itself on a semi permanent basis having burned away the past months rain clouds.Although I am not a huge beach person and tend just to swim, briefly bask in the fact that my new home is next to the beach and my work week is now non-existant, and then return home to eat (which is something I am huge on, especially since Pam brought me Vegemite!).

So welcome back to the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. You are truly starting to look like the Caribbean I remember.

Playa del Carmen beach

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