A Mexican breakfast in Playa del Carmen

I am not a big breakfast eater, I loves me some bacon and eggs, but usually for lunch or as Brenner (breakfast dinner, thank you Scrubs!). When it comes to that first meal of the day, that one that gets you up out of bed and moving, the fuel that sparks the engine to keep you revving along for the next dozen or so hours, I prefer something more along the lines of Special K or Puffed Wheat.

I’m not sure when it happened, or what the trigger was, but somewhere along the way my consitution changed and now even the idea of anything heavier at 8am makes me feel a little bit quesy. So you can imagine my hesitation when some friends of ours living in Playa del Carmen for a few months (hola Simon and Taz) suggested Pam, Saraj and I go to their favorite Taco stand and have street food breakfast Tacos. That doesn’t mean tacos with eggs, sausage and bacon, it means taco tacos, with pork, onions and habanero chilli sauce.

Always game to try something new (except for when I don’t want to, which really means that I’m not always game to try new things). We scheduled to meet up the following morning at 8am and head down for street food tacos for breakfast.

taco stand playa del carmen

They were delicious! Luckily I had been awake for a couple hours before breakfast so my stomach had had time to get used to the idea that there was no Puffed Wheat for it this morning, and if it wanted to get full, it was gonna have to digest tacos.

The taco stand was a small cart of the usual street food kind, with a chunky little fellow and his assistant tearing up pork and stuffing it in Tacos as they were ordered. A taco loaded with shredded pork and onions was about 50c and from order time to being in my belly took about 20 seconds.

Taco stand playa del carmen Taco stand playa del carmen Taco stand playa del carmen

I am still not sold on the idea of Tacos for breakfast and am quite looking forward to my chocolatey Puffed Wheat tomorrow morning, but I am glad we went down and munched those delicious lunch snacks for breakfast.

After that we took Pam for a swim in the Caribbean sea (which is looking more and more dashing by the day), and floated along in the cool clear water wondering how long we could stay before having to admit defeat to the sparkly suns rays. As it so happened about an hour.

Playa del Carmen beach

After a quick rinse I managed to convince Sarah to return to the worlds best shrimp taco place and we dined on the cockroaches of the ocean (smothered in batter, mayonnaise and habenero). Now were back home relaxing for the afternoon and preparing ourselves for the next feast!

Shrimp Tacos Playa del Carmen Shrimp Tacos Playa del Carmen

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  1. Wow it’s a tough life you lead Tyrhone you must be really annoyed at having to make these awful decisions each day! 🙂

    Love it mate, can’t wait to sample some VERY soon!

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