Sunday Markets in Playa del Carmen

I’m not gonna lie to you here, if you are after a shoppers paradise or expecting something akin to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, you are not going to find it here. The Sunday market in Playa del Carmen is a much more subdued affair with products which are not necessarily of the highest quality, and probably quite often not functioning in the way they were originally intended.

Playa del Carmen Market

In fact I would almost go as far as to not call it a market as opposed to a really big garage sale which happens every Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, it is delightfully quaint, and I am sure if you are a local you could find yourself some great bargains. Whether you are looking for hand me downs with no one but the customer left to hand down to, or a microwave oven which might or might not work but is probably worth a shot, this market is the place to be.

Playa del Carmen Market
Oven? Washing machine? Teddy bear? The one stop sidewalk.

The Sunday market has everything those looking for a deal could want, as long as that deal is household items nobody wants anymore. That is not entirely true and I am being too harsh for comedies sake (what do you mean what comedy?). The market has a certain something, it is fun to wander around checking out the crazy mish-mash of things on sale, and if you are looking to get away from the tourists there are next to none walking the two streets which make up the Sunday Market.

Playa-del-Carmen-market-2 Playa-del-Carmen-market-4

I actually love this sort of thing, and although I am almost guaranteed not to buy anything whatsoever, the people make it fun and interesting. If you get a chance and are more interested in looking than buying, then go. And after you have realized you don’t want anything and are looking for a feed, head down the road to “The Pirate” and gorge yourself on a huge and amazing ceviche filled with prawns and octopus cooked in lime juice for about $12. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Seafood in Playa del Carmen

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