Road trip to Oaxaca Mexico begins tomorrow!

As many of you may know, Sarah s mum is here in Playa del Carmen with us, and we have decided to go on a little road trip with her across Mexico. Not across the whole thing mind, but a large part of it.

Tomorrow we pack up the car for a vaguely planned drive from Playa del Carmen to Oaxaca (for anyone who can’t pronounce Oaxaca, which is likely everyone who hasn’t heard it before, it is “wah-ha-ka”. I know right!). This will be the furthest we have taken Senor Squeak (who needs a new name because the squeaking stopped) and I am pretty confident she (I know she has a guys name, but I’m liberal like that) will carry us through without worries. besides we will only be covering around 2000km of mountains, valleys, potholes and topes (speed bumps) through jungles and along coast lines.

The whole trip should take us around 2 weeks in which time we hope to go from Playa del carmen to Campeche, Campeche to Palenque (really cool ruins), Palenque to San Cristobal (cool – literally because it is high up – old Spanish mountain town) and then to our final-ish destination Oaxaca. Final-ish because Oaxaca is a region and we will be heading to the coast of Oaxaca to meet up with Sarah’s sister Holly for the day.

Mexico road trip Playa del carmen to Oaxaca

We also get to spend the day of the dead in Oaxaca which is supposed to be a great place to see the goings on. We will likely be in a little town outside of the city when the main event hits, which is supposed to be the better way to do it as the little villages are where the action happens (as far as I know “the action” is people sitting around graves for the evening, but I am likely ignorant of the actual events to some degree, which is a common thread in my life).

Anyway, barring any breakdowns or mishaps it should be quite the adventure in our little big SUV and I am very much looking forward to turning on the radio, opening Sarah’s window (mine doesn’t work) and feeling the wind on my bald spot.

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