Playa del Carmen to Campeche, road trip through Mexico day 1

Playa del carmen to Campeche distance

Playa del carmen to Campeche distance 526 km

Day 1 of our road trip from Playa del Carmen to Oaxaca was a fairly successful affair, especially if you like enjoying yourself, which we do. We started off at 07:30 on Monday morning, and with coffee in hand we jumped in the car and hit the road. The first part of the drive took us down past Tulum and then into Valladolid where we stopped to stretch our legs and show Pam her first Cenote.

Cenote Zaci was the first cenote we ever saw and we have been back there with my sister Taunee, Sarah s sister Holly, and now Pam. It’s a pretty spectacular one to start on. We then wandered around the old Spanish town of Valladolid for a little before getting back on the road.

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Our next stop about 6 hours after beginning the day was Campeche, a coastal colonial town on the Gulf of Mexico. I didn’t know much about the place, but the never ending pirate mannequins and paintings suggested there used to be a lot of pirates around.

The town is, like Valladolid, a left over from when the Spanish were here and to my eyes a lot more impressive. The old town is a lot bigger and for some reason more pleasant to walk around (maybe just because it has been roasting or raining every time we went to Valladolid). It has hundreds of colorful little old Spanish homes and a big square with an even bigger church to one side. There are remnants of an old wall which at one time surrounded the whole of the old town but now is largely gone or renovated (I hate that, the renovations I mean). We only stayed in Campeche for the night, but could easily imagine ourselves visiting again one day.

Our hotel (El Navigante or something like that) was lovely and in the middle of the old town, and at only $49 for a room for three with air-con, satellite TV so we could watch the Kardashians, and a light breakfast included, was a comfortable bargain.

On the way out of Campeche we took a wrong turn and stumbled upon the rest of the town which lay further along the coast in a South-West-ish direction. It was even more endearing with its old crumbling buildings and local little seafood restaurants lining the shore (they seem to do a lot of seafood). So a definite yay for Campeche! Here are more pics…

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So far so good, tomorrow I’ll update you even more. Check it out, it’s gonna be fun! Also you could subscribe here, then once or twice a week I’ll send you the good stuff.


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