Campeche to Palenque, road trip through Mexico day 2

Campeche to Palenque distance

Campeche to Palenque 357 km

Day 2 of our drive to Palenque from Campeche took us five to six hours, and saw us rolling through some spectacular scenery. The flatness we were used to from the Yucatan and Quintana Roo gave way to little hills which became little mountains. The Fauna went from Tropical to extremely tropical, and we drove through about four rainstorms interspersed with high humidity and sunshine. Luckily our car has great aircon and somehow we pushed through the heat.

It is a beautiful drive and the time flew by as a result. Also, I drove like a BOS and hardly ever came close to crashing.


Leaving Campeche

Campeche gulf of Mexico

Looking back at Campeche from the surpise Coastal road


Hills! Long time no see. Long roads and lots of jungle


A break from the rain

done-campeche-to-palenque-2 done-campeche-to-palenque-7

The rain, again. It makes for some scenic driving though

Just before reaching Palenque we stopped at a garage to stretch and pee. A poor fella digging in the heat and seemingly thirsty walked up to the little store and muttered something to the guy there about “No Dinero”. I assumed he wanted something but didn’t have any money. So I bought an extra coke and a muesli bar and drove over to where he had returned to dig. Jumping out and feeling pretty good about doing something decent I offered him the drink saying “Es Mucho Calor” (which kinda means it is very hot). To which he said “no gracias” and wouldn’t accept my rare case of generosity.

His mates at the garage thought this was hilarious and cracked up laughing much louder than was necessary. I decided that from then on out I was going to be an absolute bastard and got in the car. I was then treated to Sarah’s exaggerated laugh in retaliation for her previous attempts (and failures) to give hobos food. No more mister nice guy (Actually that’s not true, I am ridiculously nice).

campeche to palenque
The garage in question

Anyways, we reached Palenque and booked into Margarita & Ed’s, which is where we stayed last time. We sat ourselves down for a well deserved lunch and then went off to bathe and chill. Later at Don Muchos restaurant we tucked into some amazing enchiladas smothered in a chocolate gravy type sauce called mole. Here for your edification are some more photos from the drive. Enjoy and see you next time when we explore the ruins of Palenque and get stuck in a five hour protest/road block.


Like the sauce

done-campeche-to-palenque-3 done-palenque-driving

Senor Squeak parked in the jungle after a successful journey to Palenque


The roof of our room in the jungle at Margarita and Eds

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  1. I am enjoying your road trip, draw it out on a map ok since I don’t know the general area all that well. I can follow along more easily. Think you have a post about Belize right? Do you know anything about driving through Belize south and cutting across to West coast and up? How was it taking the car into Belize? Love all the pictures and great humor keep it going Tyrhone.

    1. Hi Linda, with regards to Belize I only saw a border town in the South and much to some peoples displeasure did not like what I saw at all, unfortunately that is as much as I can help you with that one. As Sarah mentions below there is a map of our route in the daily-ish journal section of this site. We use our galaxy s2 gps and that’s all we need to get around, it is actually a lot easier than you might think! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Oops! something got deleted previously. Can U draw on a map your route and post? that would help along with some driving time. Thx

    1. Hey Linda! Tyrhone’s girlfriend here doing his admin while he watches Duce Bigalow on Mexican TV (seriously…). There is a map of our journey in the ‘daily journal’ section on the homepage. I just saw it myself yesterday and thought it was pretty cool!

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