San Cristobal de las Casas – Every photographers happy place. Road trip day 4

After the giant ordeal that was the night journey to San Cristobal from Palenque, we had an early night which ended up being fairly sleepless for all of us. My guess would be because of the altitude as the beds and room were very comfortable, and aside from the usual noisy people wandering into the hotel and using their outside voices inside for a few minutes, it was also very quite. Altitude, even only 2100 meters does funny things to the mind and body. Still it was good to be out of the car and a sitting position to in a room and in the sleeping position.

We all got up fairly early and wandered out for some coffee, sightseeing and photographing. San Cristobal de las Casas is if nothing else, a very photogenic place. It seems like every time you turn around, some gnarled old man with a cane or equally gnarled old woman in local dress is begging you to take their photo (well begging in a “If I see you I’m gonna be pissed” sort of way, hence lots of back shots).

And if its not the gnarly old folks that jump in front of your lens, it’s the old buildings, or the graffiti, the food, and the surrounding mountains covered in mist. Or the coupe de grace, Gnarly old folks eating in front of old buildings covered in graffiti at the base of mist covered mountains. I should be so lucky.

San cristobal de las casas

Pam and Sarah wandering the streets

San Cristobal de las casas locals San Cristobal de las casas city

The view of San Cristobal De las Casas from the edge of town

San Cristobal de las casas locals San Cristobal de las casas locals

Our sightseeing was kept mostly to wandering the streets and peering through church doors, but we did go to the Na Bolom house/museum. Na Bolom is the preserved house of two Danes who moved to San Cristobal around 1950 to help out a local tribe called the Lacandona (a modern day Mayan people left largely untouched up until then). If you want to know more about what is a pretty interesting couple, you can go here.

photography from Na Bolom

A photograph from Na Bolom, not the Lacandona who wear white. But it’s funny.

We decide to have a nap that afternoon but no sooner had we laid our heads down than the usual happened, and that is that something loud happened. An impromptu dance class started up with enormous speakers outside our hotel. Bear in mind that our hotel is to one side of a square with an old Spanish church on the other side, and barely any people around most of the time. As it turns out the noise was worth it as we watched a Hip Hop teacher teaching locals as a way to advertise his school. It was something different, which I like.

San Cristobal dancing outside the church

A group of youngsters hip hopping it up outside the church

I have been doing these daily-coverage-type-posts with a lot of photographs, and all the photographs have come from my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S2 phone (it’s neither here nor there but I just gotta say it, I really don’t like Apple products, please stop buying them) which I think is doing pretty well for a 2 generation old phone. When we are finished the road trip I will do a round up post with photographs and videos from our Canon G15, which takes super pretty photographs.

Back to the point, here are a few more cool photographs from the multitude of snaps snapped during our full day in San Cristobal de las Casas. I especially like the graffiti, enjoy…

San Cristobal grafitti San Cristobal grafitti San Cristobal square and cross San Cristobal square and church

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