Every days a good day when you don’t have to work

We are all a little bit under the weather at the moment, nothing too serious but less than at our best. It started with Pam getting a bit fluey when we hit the road and then just before we arrived back it hit Sarah. I myself haven’t really had anything major, just feeling a bit lethargic and energy free the last couple days. It is hard to know whether this should be attributed to some sort of virus or if my laziness has kicked in a bit harder after the long drive across Mexico.

Either way we had a lazy morning doing the little bit of work I need to catch up on and then decided to go to the cinema, it’s half price on Wednesday which means $2 movies, which is hard to pass on. Sarah and Pam went to see “Danger Family” or something along those lines, it is hard to make out the actual names from the Spanish translations, fortunately the movies are in English. I went for Riddick and although by no means ground breaking cinema, it was an enjoyable enough special effects hoo ha. And aside from needing to urinate desperately for half the movie (the toilets were closed for God knows why) I quite enjoyed the escapism. I’m not quite sure what I was trying to escape though, some days you just feel flat I think.

playa del carmen good days

Post movie we went to our favorite Pozole place which we have mentioned before, it is kinda like someone built a kitchen in their front room and made it a local restaurant. I decided to try something different and ended up having an incredible Chicken Mole which I could barely finish for about $4, I can’t tell you how good the chocolate/chilli gravy-ish stuff that is Mole (molay) was.

I suppose the point I am trying to get to is that even the days that aren’t particularly great, are still particularly good in comparison to what my alternative used to be. A Wednesday before would have meant working for a dozen or so hours, sick or not (or feeling guilty if I didn’t go in because I was sick), and then going home to spend a few tired hours on the couch before bed and up again to do it all over the next day.

I love not having a real job, I love having each day open to what ever may come, and I love that when I am feeling a bit flat, I really can’t even find anything to complain about. Happy Wednesday.

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