Oaxaca to Huatulco, and a really odd thing to say. Day 9-ish

The journey down from Oaxaca to Huatulco was supposed to take about four and a half hours, at least that is what Google said. Google was wrong. Now, I love Google, I wish I was smart enough to be a highly treasured employee of Google (a la The Internship). But Goddammit they do not take windy roads and landslides into account when they work out how long it should take to get from A to B in the mountains of Mexico! It actually took around 10 to 11 hours. That is a long drive.

The drive itself is amazing, driving up a mountain to ear popping heights, looking face to misty face at a cloud and then dropping into a deep ravine again all while navigating tight bends, dogs with a death wish and people who drive and walk like there is no tomorrow, is a lot of fun, especially if like me you love driving. But the old saying “To much of a good thing…” is so true, and 11 hours was too much.

oaxaca mexico rockslide

oaxaca mexico driving

Still I had fun. I was knackered by the time we reached our destination, but I had fun. We joked a lot, saw some strange, some beautiful, some curious and some hilarious things, and I drove like a boss.

We finally reached our destination Huatulco at around 6pm, where we would meet Holly and her mates the following morning. We found our hotel surprisingly quickly, parked up and walked in a little worse for wear. After Sarah’s missing expedia booking (this seems to happen at every hotel we book in advance in Mexico) was finally found, we went to our rooms, got in our bathers, and pretty much fell into the pool.

A Coke light and some gentle wading later and we were back on course, all of us tired but ready to laugh about the loooong day we had just completed. We ordered dinner at the poolside – hamburgers and chips and a hotdog and chips, because sometimes you don’t want to experiment – and sat back to breathe in the dense beauty that is air at sea level as opposed to the thin wispy stuff of altitude.

As we ate, a little cat showed up and started mincing about our legs until we caved and gave him some chips and a little hamburger meat. After that he was of course our eternal friend and sat beneath Sarah’s chair lightly purring and acting like he didn’t care whether we gave him anything else or not.

It was at this point one of the most understated and amusing things I have ever heard happened. An American couple had wandered past us before and nonchalantly thrown out a “Hello” to which we had returned a customary “Hey”. Now the middle aged man of the pairing walked past and spotting our feline hanger-on, paused briefly to say “Looks like you found a friend”. We all did the polite “Haha’s” and were about to move on with our night, leaving both parties to disappear into a misty obscurity of memories when he followed his innocuous statement up with an instant classic of a line.

“We always travel with Kibble, for the animals,” and then he walked away.

At first I kind of did a nonchalant smile and acknowledged that he had spoken. But then as he faded into the night / lobby, my brain went, “Hold on a second, did he just say..?”

Yep, “We always travel with kibble.”

Who the hell travels with pet food?! Are you concerned that pets in foreign countries aren’t being fed enough and therefore have decided you shall resolve this problem? Do you carry individual dog and cat kibble or do you force them to eat the same stuff? And how much kibble? How much kibble would someone who carries kibble on holiday feel is enough?

It may at first seem bleah in the scale of what is or isn’t funny. And for sure I have heard some very funny stuff in my time on the road. But I struggle to recall a more bizarre statement ever being casually dropped in complete seriousness. So to Mr. “We always travel with kibble”, thank you you weird and wonderful man, may you and the missus kibble your way across this world which manages to constantly poke at my understanding of what is and isn’t normal. Also I didn’t want to waste the photo below which is of traditional day of the dead flowers, so I stuck it in here.

oaxaca day of the dead flowers mexico

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  1. hilarious!!!! we always travel with kibble!!! love that story. i always travel with huge bags of chocolate though so idk what the fuss is about. c u soon. with chocolates, of course!

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