Back up, Back up, Back up… And Windows 8

I have spent the last four days trying to find all the files on my computer that I thought I just could not do without. Alas, even though I have a fair bit of technology wizardry up my sleeve everything that lived on my desktop is now undoubtedly gone forever.

I am not sure what went wrong, one second I was watching a show, the next everything froze. I did a hard reset and that was all she wrote. From then every time I tried t boot the laptop went into an infinite loop which never actually loaded windows. I tried everything, I used the built in Windows repair and it made no difference, I re-installed windows on a separate partition and still no joy. When it became apparent that I could not fix it, I decided to focus on getting my files off the computer and then re-installing windows.

I booted in from a USB drive using linux (another operating system) which is when I found out that all the files which had been kept on my C:/ and desktop were not there! I grabbed everything off my secondary storage partition but could not for the life of me find anything that had been on the desktop.

Not wanting to give up because my desktop was where I had kept all the files most relevant to now, I installed windows and then used a software called “Recuva” to restore any files it could find on my formatted hard drive (deleted files are not actually gone from a hard drive until you write over the parts of the hard drive where the files lived). Although it brought up a load of stuff which I did not really want or need. The files I actually wanted were corrupted. The new book I started and a large part of my previous book were gone, as well as a number of things whicvh I thought I wanted and needed.

The cool thing I realized though, was that the hording I had been doing on my laptop and hard drives was now gone. All the files and things I thought I could not do without had disappeared into the ether, and I am OK with it. Sure there are details which I need to find and a few inconvenient things which will come of it, but in all none of it was so important that I could not do without it.

windows 8

I don’t actually use this touch Window thingy, I installed “classic Start menu” which adds a start menu like Windows 7

Now I have re-installed Windows (Windows 8.1 this time, which I have to say I love and just works that much better than Windows 7, even though I don’t have a touch screen, with a few tweaks it is super) and have learned a valuable lesson. Back that shit up.

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  1. Dropbox and auto backup that shiz.

    Same thing happened to me on my old lappie. Infinite loop blah blah blah….wound up being a corrupted HDD. Put a new one in and no issue. Unfortunately, the old stuff = gone.

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