I am a video game addict

Many may not know this, but I am a video game addict. The only thing is I am not a video game addict of the usual kind. I very seldom actually play video games but I read up and watch videos of them and about them every day. I like to know about the latest technology, the latest styles of gaming and immersion techniques. I love the humor a lot of video game presenters put into what they do (like these guys from inside gaming, check it, they are funny as hell ). I actually stayed up and watched the launch of the Playstation 4 last week, and probably know more about the latest console war (between Sony Playstation 4 and Micrsofts xbox one / xbone) and their more powerful counterpart platform the PC than most “fanboys”.

So normally I just sit on the sidelines and watch, especially now that we are traveling as it is kinda tough to fit a Playstation and big screen telly in ones backpack. Today things changed though. Today I took a step and told myself to stop being a tight ass and get back into gaming. Today I went to the shops and bought myself an xbox 360 controller to plug into my laptop so that I can sit back on the bed, plug my laptop into the TV, and be a gamer!

xbox controller on a PC

I have a few games set up and ready to go and the one I decided to start on is called Bioshock Infinite, and it is amazing. It is set in a city which broke off from the US around the time of Abraham Lincoln (who they demonize while worshiping John Wilkes Booth) and has never advanced socially since, as such the city is still rife with racism and its own kind of savage weirdness. Oh, and it floats in the sky. The game is beautiful and having the control let me immerse myself in it. My laptop is a couple years old now so I can’t run things at maximum graphics, and it gets real hot when I play. But it still looks good and I lost myself in this beautiful looking game for hours today.

xbox 360 control on a pc

Anyway it is good to be playing games again, I wish I had a bigger telly, but its still a lot of fun to spend a day just chilling out playing games, without having to worry about going back to work and wasting time. Tomorrow Sarah is going with her mum and some friends to an island for a few days. So I can sit in front of the telly and disappear into the crazy world of Bioshock, and then probably Batman, and then probably Tomb Raider. Exciting times ahead!

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  1. One of the things neither Tony nor I anticipated before we left on our trip was how much we would miss video games when we didn’t have access to them anymore. Some of our best memories are of long weekends spent in our pjs all day staying up late just playing late into the night. We finally caved a few months ago and got Skyrim on one of our laptops and that has been a bit of a boon, enough to tide us over until we can get home to our PS3 (which I guess is going to be obsolete…).

    1. Cool, I don’t know any other real people who actively and openly love video games, aside from the anonymous commenters which frequent the net that is. I wish I could get Sarah to play games with me but it most definitely is not her thing, otherwise she would be the total package 🙂

      Do you play with a controller in your laptop? It changed my world, and you should try Bioshock Infinite, it is creepy but beautifully immersive.

      There are still a few games for PS3 but I think it would be hard not buying the new big guns. Game on 🙂

      1. We don’t travel with a controller—our big splurge was picking up a tiny mouse so that we could play Skyrim more easily. Definitely worth it, though I’m sure a controller would make it even better!

        We’ve been away so long that when we return home to our PS3 we’ll likely be able to replay through a bunch of the games that we loved before our trip and have them be like new. That said, there are plenty of games that have been released since our departure that we’ll definitely want to pick up (and happily, they should be dirt cheap!). I’ve never played any of the Bioshock games (though I think we actually have the first 2…), but I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about BI.

        1. A controller makes it for me, I never liked playing with a mouse and keyboard, it kind of feels more seperate from the action. You should definitely give Bioshock a go, it’s not your usual FPS. I am hoping the Oculus Rift or something similar comes out soon so I can plug in my computer and have a giant screen, better than a big screen telly!

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