Sometimes you need a break

Sometimes you just need a break, it doesn’t really matter what it is you need a break from, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad the thing is you are taking a break from either. Sometimes you just need to stop doing it. The last few days have been that for me. It is not that I was doing a lot of anything in particular, or even doing a little. I just needed to get away from the internet, from answering emails and facebook, from instagram and this blog, from searching for this and searching for that. Sure I did a little bit of all those things, but mainly just because I felt like I had to.

There were people I should get back to, there was work I should be doing, there were even shows I should be downloading and watching, but I just couldn’t be bothered. On the other end of the scale there were things I should be doing in the real world. I should be going to the gym, I should be going to the beach or out to see this person or that, I should be playing games with my new controller, I should, I should, I should.

As it turns out I didn’t want to do any of it, to be fair to myself I haven’t been well of late, I keep getting head spins and headaches, and then there was the whole neck thing (which is still waiting for a resolution with my MRI being stuck in Cancun). But more than anything, I just could not muster the desire to do anything, neither digital nor real.

teen wolf

So what I ended up doing was watching three seasons of “Teen Wolf”, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered, mindless yet highly enjoyable entertainment. I got to substitute my lackluster desire for life and zero enthusiasm for anything, with the highly inflated emotions of teenage angst which is always prevalent in shows like these. As it stands I am slowly coming out of my drone like state of self induced and largely irrelevant self pity and angst, and even managed to get myself to the gym this morning.

sometimes you just need a break, it doesn’t matter what from, it doesn’t even have to be from anything. Sometimes you just need to get away. I am lucky that my lifestyle affords me the luxury of doing so. I hope to keep up going to the gym as I know that exercise and general fitness play a huge part in how one feels, I just have to get passed the not caring part and push myself in a direction of more positive thinking. It’s not that I have any reason to be sad, but sometimes even clowns feel down.

sad clown


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  1. I feel exactly the same way sometimes. I’m a less than mentally sound person but not insane or crazy or whatever. But sometimes I just get depressed or I feel like crap or I get bored with stuff that I usually do. I need to take breaks from whatever or whoever, otherwise I would go nuts. You know, it’s really the same thing like clearing your browser cache or history or cookies – sometimes I need to rest my mind and clear it from stuff, like a total reset. Maybe I SHOULD take up meditation soon to be able to clear the clutter from my mind

    1. I always want to give meditation a go, but it is hard to make yourself stop, even though it is the exact thing we are after! Which is why I feel lucky to have somewhat thought free TV to give me the break meditation would otherwise fill, strange as that sounds…

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