Getting fit sucks a fat one

For those of you who were reading when we first got to Playa del Carmen, you may remember a plan I had, it was called Fat to fit and back then, almost a year ago, I had the intention of going to the gym, dieting and getting back into shape after a fairly long period of chronic laziness and intense eating.

That dream / idea went the way of most dreams or ideas that take too long and require a lot of effort, which is why I currently find myself sitting at around 96kg (211 pounds) with a rather impressive food baby which funnily enough actually took around 9 months to produce, unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) I am not going into labour any time soon and this bad boy is going to have to be sweated out.

Sarah and I realized the other day that we only have about 2 months left in Playa del Carmen before we hit the road again, and this time when we hit the road we are doing it in a car, which means less physical activity than in our previous travels. Sure we will be doing all sorts of cool stuff, trekking, hiking, volcano climbing etc, but we will likely be doing a lot more sitting than walking.

So that means now is the time, I have 2 months of gym membership, 2 months to get my weight down to a level I am happy with (ie. not fat). It must be said I don’t really care how I look, or how people look at me, it is purely that I feel unhealthy and unfit, tying my shoe laces has become tough, and I make way too much noise when it comes to standing up or sitting down.

fat food

No more of this good stuff for me

I have a few potential stumbling blocks, one being that I love food, and generally find that the worse it is for you, the more I enjoy it. Another is that I no longer have the enthusiasm for the gym I once did, I think this is because I am so fat / unfit and have so far to go, gym always seems less worthwhile to me the further I have to go, like “what’s the point when one session is not going to make any visible difference?”.

I know the truth of the matter obviously and it is an accumulative process in which you actually see the most progress when you are most unfit and out of shape, but that doesn’t help much when it comes to waking up at 08:00 and dragging my fat ass down there (I can almost feel all you full time workers losing any semblance of sympathy for me when I said “waking up at 08:00”).

Also my neck is still not right and I am soon to go to the doctor and have my MRI read, I am guessing he is going to say I need physiotherapy, which only bugs me because of how much it is going to cost, and because I have lttle to no faith in the healing power of others. Alternatively he may suggest surgery, in which case we will just have to see, that is unlikely though.

In my favor is that I used to be a personal trainer and gym addict so I know the best way to lose weight, I know exactly the method required, and it revolves primarily around this one important rule: Eat less. Another thing that helps is the honesty of the people around me, for example every now and then Sarah will grab my stomach and say something like “I love this tummy” which has the dual effect of letting me know she cares for me, and also that she has noticed I am fat. Also my mum in the nicest possible way let me know after seeing the photo below on Sarah’s blog, that my stomach is sticking out a lot, which according to her “Is very hard to change once that happens and you should do something about it before it is too late.” Thanks mum ๐Ÿ™‚

fat stomach

So the plan for the next 2 months, and particularly intensely for the next 3 weeks (before Holly arrives), is to eat less, train a lot more, and hopefully sweat out at least 10 kilograms ( 22 pounds) of fat. I know I can do it as long as I have the will power. I just have to say no to flan, and pretty much 90% of Mexican food.


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  1. that’s it. i’m canceling my trip! hahaha!!!
    i’ll do gym crap and low carb with u… although that doesn’t necessarily mean no mexican food. let’s not get cray-cray!!! i promise not to bring a bug huge bag of candy for u though!!!

    1. Don’t worry, I am going hard on the diet before you get here, but once you are here I will ease up a bit, and on Christmas all bets are off and anyone not eating carbs will be dealt with harshly. No huge bag of candy is probably a good idea though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rob and I will be happy to be some kind of support on this. We have just spent 2 weeks saying goodbye to those nearest and dearest to us. In return they have fed us, most of this food has been pastry based, in fact there have been points (at Rob’s mums) when we were on the 2 pies a day diet. We need to get beach fit!

  3. Hey when there is a will, there is a way! All the best, I know how you feel.Unfortunately I love mexican food…I mean aren’t beans protein and that means they are good for you? Truth be told, just today looked at a monthly gym membership, ouch…$…yes I am gonna do it. Hope it makes it you feel better that there is someone else out there in PDC feeling your pain. Good luck and my suggestion is to put a tacos pastor on a stick in front of you on the treadmill…that’s what I am going to do;-)

    1. Hi Donna, I’m not sure how the gym would react to me hanging meat products off their equipment ๐Ÿ™‚ And for me the beans tend to be the least of my worries, its the tacos, tostadas, tortillas, tamales and the million other good things, plus the beans…

  4. stop eating meat,takes long time to digest.ceviche and light weight food.walk whenever you can.i eat and drink what i want,in 30yr i only gained 13lb. moderation in everything.but if you leave out the meat and eat 4-5times a day it works.but light food man

    1. From what I have read Debbie it is the other way around. Meat taking longer to digest means you stay full longer, and carbs cause an insulin spike which cause your body to store calories. Which basically suggests the Atkins style diet. The eating 4-5 times a day is supposed to help a lot though. I am kinda staying away from carbs completely and eating as little as possible without going crazy. As you can probably tell I am a firm believer in going hard ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m become a bit of a fatty over the last couple of years, after returning from travelling. I need to do something about it, and decided just before I read this I was going to take action.

    I’ve got an equal aversion to the gym, but love swimming so I’m going to start back at the pool and cut down on the take outs and portion sizes.

    Good luck and we can compare achievements as we go along.

    1. It just seems to catch up with you doesn’t it. Sort of starts out as “Oh I am putting on a little weight” and then all of a sudden it’s like “Oh shit, I’m fat!”.

      Good luck to you mate, I’ll keep you updated with progress, my starting weight was 96 kilos and I am hoping to get down to around 86kg. We’ll see…

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