Lots of broken stuff

I haven’t written a post for awhile because I have been fixing lots of broken stuff, some of it biological and some of it technological.


After about two weeks of waiting for the hospital in Cancun to send my results through to Playa del Carmen, I decided it was time to just go and pick them up myself. So when we went to drop Sarah’s mum off at the airport we swung by the hospital, and without any sort of pretense that my scan had been in the “Deliver to Playa del Carmen” pile (because they weren’t) I finally got to see the inside of my neck, and let me tell you, it is a bloody mess.

I managed to make an appointment with the doctor for a few days later and long story short, I have a herniated disc in the C4 and C5. Which is very common. I had actually diagnosed this problem myself a month earlier through some clever Googling and assumptions, but it feels better to know for sure. The unfortunate thing about it is, there is no real way of making it better. Sure I can go to physio therapy, and if it gets really intense in the future I could have surgery and lose a lot of mobility in my neck. But really, this is it now, and it is only going to get worse.

I know that sounds really sad sack, but I am for the most part OK with it, sure it sucks knowing that I will spend the remainder of my life restricted as to what sort of things I can do, and probably go through innumerable periods of neck pain, but that is as I am figuring out, just the way it goes.

neck injury Playa del Carmen doctor

You get older and your body starts to fall apart, the things that once were easy start to get difficult, and the things that were difficult cease to be on your radar. I would think that this form of thought and way of seeing things (as well as the actual physical reality of it) usually doesn’t begin to manifest itself in the thought process or body until a bit later in life, at least not quite as obviously. But as anyone who has ever known me will tell you, I am old for my age in a number of ways (except for being so childish, but I think that is a man thing). Even when I was little Tyrhone running around scratching his bum and feeling somewhat out of place, I was always the kid everyone said “Oh isn’t he an old soul”. Which I for the most part loved and milked as much as possible.

Unfortunately though I feel I am well and truly on my way to being an old soul, or at the very least, a middle aged soul in an old man’s body. A lot of it is my fault of course. Not only was I liberal with the use of my limbs as a child, but I was even worse as a young adult, and not just to my body but my mind as well.

I have this habit of being extreme in my approach to most things, for example, I am currently on a diet to stop being fat. But rather than do a diet for months and months and then mold it into a healthy eating regiment, I prefer to go on a sort of starvation diet (but Sarah wont let me) for maximum a couple months, and then go back to eating whatever I want until it is time to diet again. Or as a more-relevant-to-this-blog sort of example, rather than traveling for a year and then going back to our everyday life, for me it was either we make this change and do it for good (or until we get bored) or we don’t do it at all.

Basically I am an all or nothing, balls-to-the-wall kind of guy, so when in my twenties I began experimenting with hard drugs, I often went too far with them. In a weird way I was almost always cautious of doing them the right way and so didn’t often put myself in a lot of immediate danger. But I did not care about the long term affects, the most severe of which were caused I think by steroids.

The steroids themselves didn’t do much to me in the long term (although I was huge and very angry in the short term), but what did effect me was how hard I went in the gym on steroids. I pushed my body way beyond what it should have been capable of, and when I injured myself I just kept going. I think that is likely what got me to where I am today, which is in a body crumbling on the vestiges of its working parts. My knees no longer like to run, my legs no longer like to jump, my ankles and neck and everything in between crack regularly, and of course, now the herniated disk.

Still, it could be worse, so my neck hurts and will do so until the day everything else gives up. there is still a lot of other stuff I can do. And for the most part I don’t need to do a lot of physical stuff anyway, and for even more of a part than that, despite an almost constant niggling in the area, it doesn’t even hurt most of the time. So at least I know, and now it is business as usual with a slight bit of caution in the nectal region. At least the other side still works!


In other breakage news, my laptop finally gave out! She served me well and I don’t blame her in the slightest or hold a grudge for giving up on me when I needed her. Basically I made the poor thing do stuff no laptop should ever have to do, I overclocked and gamed on her when really she was just made for medium intensity workloads. Add to that dragging her around the world in a none too gentle way (oh the rushed shoving into backpacks form China to Mexico, how she made it out of Asia in one piece is a mystery) and it is no surprise she has gone the way of the sparrows. I will move away from the ‘she’ thing, but mainly because I don’t want to make the new love in my life jealous.

From the ashes a phoenix has arisen, a new love to bring a sparkle to my eye and put a spring in my step, the gorgeous, the sexy, the sleek as a cat in an oil spill, Gigabyte P34G Ultrablade gaming (and working) laptop. all the way from America (thank you Holly for doing my shopping online because no one trusts Mexicans, not even self appointed ones), and she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (sorry Sarah, but it’s technology, and we live in Mexico, the technological desert of the world, aside form the actual desert, which probably has even less technology). She is as slender as an ultrabook, and as powerful as a souped up desktop, and just to add the cherry to the top, makes the Macbook Pro’s performance look like a pocket calculator.

gigabyte p34g gaming laptop

Oh my God! the sheer sexiness of it…

I cannot wait to slide her out of the box and do unspeakable things to her chassis. Unfortunately I have to wait 2 weeks, but they say the anticipation can be as exciting as the event itself, and right now I am all anticipated up. So that is exciting, oh and not wanting it to sound too much like a side note, although it probably will no matter how I proceed from here, she will be traveling with Sarah’s sister Holly who is coming to stay with us for Christmas and giving me an excuse to break my diet. Thanks Holly ๐Ÿ™‚


And finally we met up with fellow bloggers Rob and Kellie of hungryescapades.com in Playa this week. They are lovely people with a healthy and highly enjoyable mix of humor and quirkiness, who speak with funny accents and bought us lunch, which makes them alright in my book. So we have decided to adopt each other as BFF’s (sorry Jimmy, you’re out mate ;), as long as it doesn’t require too much extra effort on either side.

hungry Escapades

Summing up, I blew out my neck but got it diagnosed, I blew up my laptop and in 2 weeks get to meet the new love of my life (you are still in the top three Sarah), I also got a few more web design jobs to get cracking on with and I met some people from my old homeland whose company I enjoyed almost as much as my own. All in all, a very successful week or two.


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  1. Sorry about your neck! I’m also a balls to the walls kind of person (though it seems you definitely topped me in your younger years) and I understand how it all catches up to you body-wise years later. Hang in there!

    1. I will thanks, even though I know I have to be careful for my remaining years when doing anything physical now, I am kinda just happy to know what it is. Now I just have to find something else to go hardcore with!

  2. Wow look! It’s my face!! Glad we are officially BFF now, but I was definitely happy to go down the stalking route… Was great fun hanging out with you two. Thanks for the coffees, tour and all the tips and – already on it with the exploring! Sarah will be disgusted to know we are heading off to the terrible Isla Mujeres on Wed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sucks about you neck though mate, but I do like your all or nothing attitude!

    1. You can still stalk me if you like, it makes me feel wanted. We should definitely meet up again, maybe on cheat day we can go get some real Mole, or shrimp tacos, or flan. Fuk now I’m hungry again.

  3. Bummer about your neck. I had (have?) a herniated disc in my neck too. I had a healer try and fix me while in India & he did a pretty good job (still a few problems, but no regular headaches, pain, etc.) Hopefully the new laptop helps ease your pain!

  4. Hi Tyrhone,
    I too abused and neglected my body growing up, I was considered an “old soul” also. Now I feel much older than my age and my body hurts most of the time.
    I had neck surgery about 5 years ago. My disc’s were pushing into my spinal cord or I would have passed on the surgery. As it is I had 2 fusions, one of which didn’t take. I still have almost as much pain now as I did before the surgery. Unless your spinal cord is in jeopardy I don’t recommend surgery.
    I think the key is to just keep moving. Pop a couple of aspirin now and then and remember to stop when your body says it’s time.
    Good Luck!

    1. That’s good to know thanks Patty. I guess I will just try to be cautious and hope for the best. It is funny initially I would have though being as still as often as possible would be the best thing (and the easiest) but I have found that exercise and cautious movement helps the most.

  5. Ouch. I feel for you. I have a good friend who is 40 and his body is like an 80 year old’s because of the extreme sports he did as a younger man. It sucks. Sucks for his wife too who gets to hear him complain about it and can’t plan long-distance trips because his back is just too messed up. I hope you can avoid surgery.

    So cool you met Kellie & Rob! Why the hell does she look so damn adorable when she’s a backpacker now?!

    1. Yep I will try and take care of it as best I can, although I don’t have a great track record for being cautious having Sarah to prod me in the right direction should stave off too much continued harm ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yeah it was great to meet them, they are a lovely couple with really funny accents, which I like.

  6. That laptop looks lush! Just checking the price now…

    I thought roid rage was a myth? At least that’s what the blokes down the gym tell me.

    Sorry to hear about the neck. I’ve got a dodgy neck and get headaches but I don’t think its a disc or anything. What made you think it was a disc problem?


    1. She was $1400, not too cheap, but best in class, and I am of the mindset that if you’re gonna do something, you should do it right!

      Roid rage is definitely not a myth, most roids work by increasing your testosterone levels, and testosterone is in a large part responsible for things like aggression, strength, libido and all those things which make men men. It doesn’t mean your an instant asshole, but if your already one it’ll make you worse, and in general you will lose your temper a lot quicker.

      I thought it was a disk because of how it reoccured, sometimes for no reason, but would be almost gone in between. Also the way the pain was distributed (hurt more if I tilted my neck to the side with pain), and because Google told me so ๐Ÿ™‚

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