You may have gathered by the title what this little post is about, if you haven’t let me enlighten you, it is mostly about my EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS over the last week. In my last post I mentioned that I was now on a diet and going to the gym again. I have decided to do so because my weight has now gone all the way up to 97 kilograms (214 pounds) and I feel really uncomfortable in my own skin.

I think one of the deciding factors was trying to tie my shoelaces and having trouble getting over the bulge (mind out the gutter, I mean my stomach / stomachs ) which separates my upper bits from my lower bits. Another was losing site of everything which lives below the aforementioned stomach (OK you can put your mind back in the gutter again).

extreme weight loss

I am happy to report that I have met with quite a degree of success with my weight loss over the last week, which is why I have dubbed it EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS!!! I even think it actually merits all 3 of the exclamation points I end it with. Over the last 7 days or so (since we started traveling I have a hard time remembering just how many days pass or even what day we are on, it’s great), I have lost a grand total of 4.5 kilograms ( 10 pounds). Now that is what I call EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS!!!

I know it will slow down, and a lot of the weight loss is more a testament to how much over my ideal weight my body is than how well I am doing, but it feels good to drop a large portion of my distended gut anyway. It also feels good to see some reward from my almost complete embargo on Carbohydrates (Sarah says I have to eat my vegetables) and giving up sleep ins in favor of gym sessions.

So I am down to around 92.5 kilograms, and I would really like to lose another 10, but I think those 10 will be a lot harder fought for than the 4.5 I just lost. Especially because it is Christmas, and especially because I am on the verge of killing someone for a piece of flan.

What can I say, EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS!!! comes at a price, but when the dust settles and I am hopefully at a new svelte weight of 83 kilograms, I can start pigging out all over again and get that sense of satisfaction which only an overdose of simple carbohydrates can supply. Which when it comes down to it is truly why I put myself through this.


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  1. I find that it’s not just about the physical weight, it’s how you should feel in clothes as well. Sometimes (i.e before travelling) I would buy something I wanted to fit into eventually and used that as motivation. In fact I bought a pair of pants that were too small on the waistline for me and managed to fit into them by the time I got to Colombia

    1. Are you saying you had a pair of traveling pants, like the sisterhood? I know what you mean about the weight thing, especially if you do weight training. I am using the ability to see my feet as a measure of success ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Danielle Carroll

    I have no doubt you will reach your goal weight! You were a machine in London & I’m sure once you catch the fitness bug again you’ll be sporting a 6 pack again in no time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Tyronne, I saw your post from months back on champix and quit smoking. Could you give an update how that all played out? Did you quit … for good? Was the champix worth the money? And, whatever else you think might help a ‘about to take that plunge’ person. Thanks. :>)

    Or, if you covered all this in another post, can you give me the date?

    1. Hi Sally, I am happy to say I am still a non smoker. It was tough even with the Champix and it is hard to tell how much they helped, but I think they did for sure. I took them for a month and a half I think, still smoking when I started and they seemed to make me want to smoke less, until I just decided I should stop. Personally I think asnything that helps you quit, even in the slightest, is worth the money so if you really want to stop I would say yes, give it a go.

      I have been off them for about 10 months now, the longest since I started smoking 15 years ago, and I feel a lot better for it, my chest doesn’t hurt when I wake up, I don’t cough anymore, I am not always thinking about cancer and the like, my sense of smell and taste has improved, I am spending less money, I have more time to do things without taking 10 minute smoke breaks every hour / half hour, I don’t get that annoying thought 10 minutes after a cig telling me in another half hour I can have another one. I think that is the best part for me, not being a slave to something.

      when I came to Playa I had the intention to do all sorts of things, learn guitar, get fit, make games, build a business empire and quit smoking. I only managed 1, I quit smoking, but I don’t care about the others because the freedom of being a non-smoker makes the rest pale in comparison.

      you can do it, and it will be soooo worth it. I might even do a post soon about being clean for so long. Here are some links to my quit smoking posts: http://testingzone.wpengine.com/2013/02/20/quitting-smoking-with-champix/

      If you need any help or have anymore questions let me know and I will do what I can. And yes Champix can be bought over the counter in Mexico, you can go to Walmart and buy it!

  4. Congrats on the Extreme Weight Loss!!! Tomorrow begins my jump on the new year with walking and eating better, hope I am as successful as you. Although, I can 100% relate to being willing to kill someone for flan.
    Your artwork is beautiful, love especially the boy and the Panda.

    1. Thank you very much Maria. I have found that the longer we have been on this diet with hardly any carbs, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes (I love a plate full of chicken wings and avocado now!). I think the low carb thing is the single most effective part of the weight loss, with gym a close second of course.

      Good luck with it! And glad you enjoy my artwork ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Right! Low carbs is the “eating better” bit, had a good run at it then went to delicious Chiang Mai…then Laos, land of the Bagel Eagger. Now intent on refocusing and avoiding malls!

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