Perfect weather for new tires

You may have heard, but if not let me be the first to tell you, it is raining a lot in Playa del Carmen at the moment. I don’t mean like a day hither and thither, I mean like it is raining (or at the very least overcast) almost every day. The last few days it has even been a bit chilly causing Sarah to don her fleece!

Fortunately for me I love the rain, I love the cold, and I am on a permanent holiday-ish type thing. So the rain actually enhances my experience of Playa del Carmen. That and it washes the stinky mass of raving-hipster-tourists here for the holiday season and rave festival (are the kids still calling it raving?) off the streets and into the sub-par restaurants on 5th Avenue.

Raining in Playa del Carmen

So win-win, if you are me. If you are not, if you are a tourist here for your few weeks a year off before going back to the office/virtual gloom that is a full time job, my deepest sympathies for the lack of sun and general holiday-ness of our current gray days. But not really…

Playa del Carmen has become a very different beast at this time of year. The quiet streets and chilled out atmosphere we have come to love has made way for jostling crowds of noisy sunburned people driving up prices and yucking the streets with various post night-out detritus. They wander the streets neither frustrated at cat calling vendors or surprised at paying more for a mediocre meal than they would in their home countries.

At least they did until the rain started. Now the crowd has thinned and I can’t help but think they are lying in wait, preparing to descend in a hellish mass of sun craving accents, over-flowing wallets bursting open to spend their contents in the time left to them.

Tires in Playa del Carmen

This week we went and bought new tires for our car. Almost ramming into the back of a douche driver, I mean taxi driver, even though we were crawling along, suggested it might be time to fix up our car before hitting the road in three weeks time.


Yep, we are off in three weeks, the year has come to an end and it has been fabulous. No doubt at some point I will be inspired to right a post about how marvelous it has been, about how much I have grown and learned, about how stupendous my life is that I can spend a year living in paradise.

Maybe the aforementioned Playa del Carmen-paradisaical-inspired-inspiration will come once all the tourists fuck off. Right now I just wanted to tell you we bought tires, and I really like the rain.


0 thoughts on “Perfect weather for new tires”

    1. You guys should have bought the clone of our car out here while you had the chance, now any shot of us being doppelgangers has gone out the window. I’m very sad…

      PS. Do you at least have pizza to keep you going?

  1. I can’t believe you leave so soon, that seems to have come around so quickly! It must be incredibly weird to leave somewhere that you’ve built a great life and that you love so much but the journey to come promises to be phenomenal. Can’t wait to read about it!

    1. Thanks Maddie, it is weird, but surprisingly the closer we get the more we are looking forward to this next iteration of the journey. I think a year in one place was just about perfect. And now I will have more to right about than neck injuries and tires 🙂

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