I have a dream to fly through Central and South America

Everyone has dreams, some more likely to become reality than others. Some seem as unreachable as the stars, others as unlikely as making it through life without pooping yourself somewhere other than a toilet at least once. I have so far at the grand old age of thirty two managed to achieve quite a few of my dreams (although unfortunately not that last one… it happens).

I am semi-retired and traveling the world at my own pace, seeing the things I always dreamed of seeing when I was a kid, before I believed that such dreams could ever become a reality. My life is my own.

I have lived on four different continents, and traveled to twenty five countries.

I have excelled at various careers / jobs. Digital artist, Security at The London Stock Exchange, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Sign Installer, Hollywood Prop maker (for reals), Personal trainer, and umm… forklift driver / bag stacker, Scottish fish packer and so on. And now my dream job, World Traveler and Explorer!

Occasionally dreams fall by the wayside as dreams have a tendency to do, but those I have truly wanted to make a reality, have as an adult become exactly that. The biggest dream I ever dreamed so far, was to make enough money to be able to give up the 9-5 and travel the world. To find a way to sustain myself permanently without ever stepping into an office again, and I have achieved that. Along with my girlfriend Sarah, we have taken a firm grip on what once seemed an impossible lifestyle and made it a reality.

Dream Big

Now it is time for the next big dream, and an attempt to make it a reality. I want to fly, I want to leave the ground behind and mock its sturdy surface as I float into the heavens, I want to strap a Paramotor to my back, run like hell and take to the skies.


Now that we are on the road full time there are things which we have to forgo in order to maintain this nomadic lifestyle.

We are not budget travelers, but we are on a budget. We like our comfort and we enjoy good food, but we don’t stay in fancy hotels and we tend to eat in local places as much as possible (which has the added benefit of having the best food most of the time). We don’t do all the activities which would likely be on the average holiday makers list. We often skip a few big touristy things because they are overpriced, over touristed, and out of our life-long travel budget, or just bleh.

But there are those things, the things which are too important to miss out on, the things which you know will be worth it and will likely leave a lasting impression. These are the things which make a dream worth having in the first place. What is the point in traveling if you are not going to seek out new experiences? And that is what we do, we seek experiences. As any long term traveler will tell you, eventually you don’t want to see another temple, another ruin, or another waterfall. Eventually the travel itself becomes a little less than fulfilling and you feel the need to either stop, or to find something to enhance it.

One of the reasons we stopped here in Playa del Carmen for a year, was because we needed a break. We had in six months jumped between Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, London and Mexico. We had seen uncountable wonders until they stopped being quite so wonderful, and so we decided to stop for awhile. One of the amazing things about being a lifelong traveler, is that there is no time limit, and with no time limit, there is nothing governing how you spend your days other than the desire to do something, and to some degree, money.

In Mexico we have gotten to experience a few of those things which make a journey an adventure. We have skydived, swum with whale sharks and driven 5000 kilometers across the country. But now it is time to hit the road again, I am excited without a doubt, but there is something which I just cannot get out of my head, the epitome of a dream, the desire to do something so incredible as to seem almost unreal. I have a dream which I want to add to the adventure we are already on. I have a desire so strong that it has made itself an immovable force in my mind.

I want to fly…

Of course I realize I am not the first person to have such a dream, it is a fairly common thread throughout recorded history. Man’s desire to take to the skies like a bird, to lift ourselves from our earthly domain and make the air our bitch. We want to jump and not come back down again until it suits us. At least that is how I feel.

Paramotoring fly

Flying is in my blood, with each generation coming closer to the dream than the one before it. My grandfather flew Dam Busters during WW2, but not in WW2. My father who passed when I was a youngin’ flew helicopters during the Rhodesian war. He wasn’t really supposed to as he was actually a technician, but things were a bit different back then and his pilot mates let him fly when no one was looking. My brother is an avid Paraglider, and has for years extolled the virtues of jumping off high things and floating around. Although I am envious of all of them, there are a few things which have always kept me from pursuing these types of flying (although I have almost gone for a pilots license a number of times):

1. Airplanes and Helicopters are prohibitively expensive, even to rent.

2. Paragliding , although a lot cheaper, is very restricting in where you can take off from and where you can (have       to) land.

And then I found Paramotoring!

Seemingly out of nowhere this sport made itself known to me and I sucked up every morsel of information I could find. Videos of people with grins from ear to ear soaring above the clouds or flying through ravines and over jungles. Men and women taking to the skies and making the Earth their plaything. I have found a way to explore what I had only seen in dreams. I found a way to leave the Earth behind and fly to hidden places, a way to view marvels from a wonderfully new perspective.

I found a way to bring back the excitement I felt the first time I stepped off a plane and breathed the air of somewhere new.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d6oBTmEbRM?rel=0]


I found a way to fly, but not the means. Although ridiculously cheap compared to any other type of personal aviation, Paramotoring is slightly out of the budget of a long term traveler. Which means I have to reach into a side of blogging and travel which I have up to this point largely kept to a minimum.

I am going to look for a sponsor / sponsors. To my mind it seems like a great deal. A couple of lifelong travelers driving across Central and South America, flying over and around incredible landscapes, exploring the world from a hidden vantage point with no time limit. Who wouldn’t be interested in the publicity that could bring to a business?

Hopefully with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, I can find someone or someones to help fund this desire. Like I mentioned previously, whenever I have had a dream worth pursuing, I have pursued the hell out of it until it became a reality, and this would simply be too miraculous a thing not to make happen.

I will fly, I will pursue this dream and take to the skies to see the world from the air, and share what I see with those who read mine and Sarah’s blogs. The only questions are how, and how long it will take for me to get there.

I don’t like playing games (unless it is a first person shooter where you take down alien hordes with big guns and bad dialogue), and consider myself a straight shooter (pun intended). So, rather than beat around the bush, I will ask it here before I go on my search for sponsors. If you know someone, or are someone who wants exposure, if you have any ideas of who I should be reaching out to in order to make this thing happen, let me know and I can send you or them details of what I am offering.

I have put together three packages of what we can offer a sponsor / sponsors.


A $10 000 sole sponsorship package.


A $5 000 dual Sponsorship package


A $2 000 sponsorship package for a maximum of six sponsors.


A $1000 sponsorship package for a maximum of ten sponsors.

Sarah’s blog will be involved because she can’t handle my nagging anymore. Aside from the exposure we are offering, I can also offer my services as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer and Artist.

This will likely be the most incredible thing I have ever or will ever do in this world, so it makes no sense for me to be shy about it.

For the training and the whole kit I will need $10 000. For that price I get:

Around two weeks training.

The actual Paramotor and wing (like a parachute for those not in the know).

A reserve chute and the other bits which make it safer to take to the air.

And it looks like this:

Blackhawk Paramotor
Image courtesy of www.blackhawkparamotor.com

I want to fly, I want to see the world from the air. Have you ever looked up and wondered what it would feel like to soar above the clouds? I have, I do, and I am not in the habit of letting dreams pass me by. I am going to strap a propeller to my back, run like a madman and take to the skies, and I would appreciate any help anyone is able to give.


We will fly to one of the training sites I have picked out in the US from wherever we are in the world. I will do my training for about two weeks and buy my equipment (which I already have a good idea as to what brand I will be buying), and then fly back to wherever we left the car. From there we will start the most incredible part of our journey yet.

Our travels are already set to take us through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and even without the flying, we will still be hitting the road. With the flying I will be seeing and recording the world from an incredible perspective. Seeing things through the eyes of God. Imagine the Amazon from the skies, Machu Picchu, the Atacama Desert, the Bolivian Salt Flats, The Volcanoes of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Patagonian glaciers and on and on. The world is an amazing place, and I want to see it from an amazing point of view.


If I do not find a sponsor / sponsors, the dream will not die. This is one of those things I have to do. Like quitting my job and travelling the world in the first place. I have this dream, and I will fulfill it. There is no if about it. Only when. If you can help make it a reality, let me know, if not, wish me luck!



0 thoughts on “I have a dream to fly through Central and South America”

  1. Danielle Carroll

    I can’t wait to see your birds eye view of the world! Hopefully sooner, rather than later! Will Sarah be paramotoring too???

  2. WHAT??!!! This is bloody awesome mate! What an amazing dream.

    I have a big cheesy grin on my face imagining this. Good luck with finding a sponsor, I cant wait for you to make this a reality.

  3. Sounds like a magical trip and I can’t wait to follow along! Having seen the Amazon from the air (from the window of a boring old airplane) I can attest it is a magical view.

  4. I’m sure you’ll find a way and a how and likely chat someone up and they’ll want to sponsor you. I get that feeling about you that you can easily charm and convince folks.
    Look forward to reading more about your dream coming true.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I’ve always thought I was way charming, it is just getting other people to agree with me which is the hard part :). Lets hope your right, I think it will happen, or rather, I know it will happen, purely because of how amazing it will be!

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