When you can’t fly, you…

Despite the fact that we had traveled around 5000 miles to Valley Springs, California to learn how to fly a paramotor, and despite the fact that the area was experiencing a severe drought and hadn’t seen rain for quite some time, after our first day of training at the Blackhawk Paramotor Ranch, the heavens decided to open and share their bounty with us, no matter how much we didn’t want it.

But you have to roll with the punches, and in reality, I was so sore after the unexpected muscles Powered paragliding requires you to use, that I needed the break to recover. So without much of an idea as to what, where, how or why, we hit the road and explored the surrounding area, and the not so surrounding area of San Francisco.

It was OK, but I think both our nerves were still shot from the whole experience of organizing this thing in such a short time frame, of actually getting to the Blackhawk Ranch, and now of actually training to fly a Paramotor. So we dawdled, saw a few things, and then crawled home with our tails between our legs to curl up and watch the plethora of reality TV shows on every channel of our cable.

This is the short video of that experience. Next time though, more flying! Thanks for reading and I hope you will follow the mis-adventures of mwah. Subscribe Here or like or just keep coming back.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEcI5VXm5Yw?rel=0]


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