Building my Blackhawk Paramotor

So the other day I took the beast out of the box and did my best to assemble a paramotor for the first time, more or less direction free (partly because I don’t like asking for directions, and partly because there is no manual for my Paramotor! Only an older one). I met with somewhat limited success.

In all it took me about three hours to put the thing together, next time it will probably take 10 minutes, but I took it slow because a Powered Paraglider is not like Ikea furniture, it has a much higher chance of falling out of the sky than, say, a desk.

Also I didn’t connect the harness up properly because there were so many buckles and clips that eventually I had to admit that I had no idea what went where, and if I pretended I did things were likely to go wrong. Also I am extremely anal about these sort of things and won’t call the job done until I am one hundred percent sure it is done right.

And I don’t want to fall out of the sky.

My wing and a few other bits are not here yet. They are in the Mexican postal service (long story, but I am praying it doesn’t dissapear), but once they get here (optimism can’t hurt) I will have the full set and we will be ready to head to Guatemala. More cooler than that though, is I am going to fly again, that is so long as all these left over parts from the build aren’t important…

Check out the timelapse 3 minute video with super cool song from Seth Sentry, Dear Science.

[vimeo 88121083 w=800 h=450]

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