The ruins of Tikal in Guatemala (video), and another catchy title

Currently my life (and as such Sarah’s) is pretty much centered around Paramotoring, understandably so I think as flying is a pretty big deal, and has been since people who could barely walk realized that some creatures didn’t have to, and millions of years later, here we are, making like the birds.

This post however is not about flying, except for that one paragraph up there. This post is about a pretty spectacular place, and not only does it have this short but witty intro, it also has a shortish (about five and a half minutes) video to please your peepers!

I know, I spoil you, but you deserve it, everyone except that one guy who is sitting at home on a reclining arm chair, eating a large bag of Doritos and reaching for a full sugar fizzy drink while scratching his groin. You don’t deserve it, but you can watch it anyway, just stop touching yourself.

The ruins of Tikal.

Tikal Gutemala

I definitely have my favorites when it comes to ruins. The pyramids were disappointing, but Luxor was amazing. I am not a huge fan of Castles, but I loved Ephesus in Turkey and the Acropolis in Greece. I was not too impressed by the manicured layout of Chichen Itza, but thoroughly enjoyed the expanse and climbable tower of Coba.

And then there are my two favorite ruins in this part of the world. Until now Palenque in Mexico was without a doubt hats and shoes above the rest, but that sneaky so and so everyone calls Tikal has managed to worm its way into the top spot of my favorite Mayan ruins.

It wasn’t easy as I was mightily impressed by Palenque, its location in the jungle, and being there while it was surrounded in slowly dissipating mist gave it pride of place within my cereberal cortex, but Tikal has managed with bravado and bluster to snatch away the title.

And the award goes to… … …

TIKAL, for best leading ruin North or South of the Equator!

It was a close one though and Palenque still comes in a very close second. Tikal just has a slightly more wonderful location which somehow feels even more jungley than Palenque.

Tikal Guatemala

It’s ruins are strewn everywhere you look, and the flora clings, covers and cavorts with every crumbly bit of it. Towers break through the tree line all around you, and when you climb to the top of those crumbly towers you are rewarded with sweeping vistas of ancient jungle which almost manages to take you back to the time when these cities were alive with ancient Mayans running about doing their shopping, picking the kids up from school, or just vegging in front of the telly.

They are spectacular ruins, and I hope I managed to express some of that magical spectacularity with the below video. Enjoy the ruins of Tikal, just please, no touching yourself… Unless it gets really itchy, then go ahead…


If you can, watch in 720p, it’s much lovelier…


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  1. When we were in Mexico and saw Chichen Itza and Palenque we couldn’t help but compare to Tikal. Palenque came close but we still just couldn’t give it top prize after our experience in Tikal. We got to Tikal in time to watch the sun rise while sitting on one of the ruins. It was amazing to see the sun come up over the mist and hear the howler monkeys waking up.

    1. We heard one of the monkeys “barking” when we were up the top, loud as hell! Sunrise would be pretty amazing I’m sure, Tikal really does have that extra little something which pushes it out there in the lead.

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