How to kite a paramotor wing (video)

As you might know, my Blackhawk Paramotor blew a hole in the piston. This of course sucks for a number of reasons, one being money, another being not knowing why, and a third being that I am grounded until the parts get here to Guatemala which could be a week or more. And just when I was getting good!

But we are definitely making the most of it, a few days ago we went to Lake Atitlan to peruse another part of Guatemala and had a great time (the video is coming soon, and it will be a doozy!). Yesterday Sarah came with me to the flying park (to make sure I don’t get choked again) and we spent 3 – 4 hours kiting my wing, which although intense, is a lot of fun.

velocity elektra blackhawk paramotors

Paratoys velocity elektra paraglider

Unfortunately the winds were a bit blustery as it was midday and they were changing from South to North, which means it wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was good practice to learn how not to get dragged across the field, which I did not do once!

Although the drive from Antigua to the park in Chimaltenango is a bit of a pain which requires a bit of off-roading, once you get to the field it is a pretty amazing location. Surrounded by farm land with volcanoes off in the distance, it feels like you are a million miles away from it all. Horses roam across the field while I practice and cowboys chase cattle across the dusty fields while the sun beats down. We have our drinks, a can of Pringles and nowhere to be.

What a life.

So without further ado, a fun little video of me kiting my paramotor wing, the Velocity Elektra.



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  1. I have been following all of your flying adventures on here. Incredible! I hope your paramotor is healed soon and you can continue on. There are many kite surfers here. They are beautiful to watch. Have you considered kite surfing, especially since you have been grounded?

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for following ๐Ÿ™‚ It should get even more interesting once I get some experience behind me (and a working engine!).

      I have thought about kite surfing, only thing is I have a bit of a thing about sharks, and getting wet, so it is probably not my thing, but never say never.

      Also I need to practice this paramotor thing as much as possible so as not to strangle myself again!

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