Round 2 kiting my Velocity Elektra Paramotor wing

I am still waiting for parts to arrive to fix my paramotor after the catastrophic engine failure I had last week, but I am still keen as all hell to get good at this sport.

So I am kiting. Every few days I pack up my paraglider, chuck a load of water and some snacks in the car, bundle Sarah in with the promise of hitting the only decent-ish grocery store anywhere near Antigua, and drive out to the dusty field which has become my training ground. Check out round 2 of me VS my Velocity Elektra, and then read on.


Unfortunately the winds never seem great for Paramotoring out on the field, and every time I have gone there I am trying to kite my wing in gusty winds coming from all directions, which is the worst kinf of weather to try kiting in.

But at least I am practicing, even if I can’t fly my Paramotor, at least I can train on the ground so hopefully I don’t get dragged or strangled again. And kiting is fun in its own right.

I just really hope my Paramotor parts get here soon so I can get up in the air again. All up I have only flown for about 3 hours, if that. When you consider how much money, time, blood, sweat and tears I have pt into Powered Paragliding, 3 hours of flying hardly seems worth it.

But it is an incredible thing, to fly under ones own steam, and I know if I can just get past this rather awkward and stressful beginning, that there is a lot of fun coming my way.

velocity elektra blackhawk paramotor

For now though, I am just gonna kite! A few days ago I put up a video of me kiting my Blackhawk Velocity Elektra Paramotor wing, and it wasn’t great. This week I have round 2 for you to watch, and although I am still not great at it, I am definitely getting better, and the Skrillex makes it look better too 🙂


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0 thoughts on “Round 2 kiting my Velocity Elektra Paramotor wing”

    1. Thanks Brian, I did another video after this (have a look) and really felt like I was getting it, then the herniated disk in my neck played up and I had to call it a day. But it was starting to feel good, less break input and more “feel”.

      Parts for my motor should be arriving in the next couple days and then I should be able to get off the ground again and put the kiting to good use. Although I am really enjoying the kiting itself.

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