Bugger, hurt my neck Kiting my wing!

Another day another failing body part. I know I didn’t look after myself as a youngin’, but this is getting ridiculous!

Actually, I have up to now been amazed that I haven’t hurt my neck while flying. As you may know about a year ago I hurt my neck and a few months ago found out I had a herniated disk, so far it has played nice and I have been able to fly without hurting it at all, not even when I got strangled!

kiting paramotor wing

Unfortunately today, I was running along with my wing above my head and I felt my neck go. Doing the smart thing for once, I stopped kiting my paramotor wing and packed up before it got too bad, such is the wisdom of age…

But before it went and got done, I managed to get a little bit of kiting in and am definitely getting better at this paramotoring malarkey.

So here is a funny little video (I think it is funny, and Sarah thought it was funny, so it must be funny), of kiting, crickin’ my neck, and getting the hell out of there. I think you will like it…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVHck5XMJY?rel=0]

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