The Volcanic Lake of Guatemala (amazingly awesome video)

A lot of our time here in Guatemala has been spent doing decidedly un-touristy things, namely learning to fly the paramotor. This has definitely been extremely stressful and was beginning I think to get on top of us. So we decided to get back into tourist mode and hit one of Guatemala’s most revered sites (after Tikal maybe), Lake Atitlan.

The video at the end of this post is truly a masterful work which should rightfully be in some sort of museum of awesome. Enjoy

lake atitlan guatemala

Driving down into Panajachel, Lake Atitlan

lake atitlan guatemala volcano

The view across Lake Atitlan

This road trip thing has turned out very different to what we expected, and we have some news coming up in a soon to be post about what happens next, suffice to say for now, we seem wholly incapable of sticking to a plan, which definitely has its pros and cons.

But we needed to do some sight seeing, we needed to get out of the local bubble of Santa Ana which we are living in and see some of those things people rave about around Guatemala. What better than a big Lake nestled between volcano’s and the villages which make up its populace.

lake atitlan santiago mixamo

Santiago and the Saint Maximon (The wooden dummy smoking in the middle)

lake atitlan guatemala market santiago

The markets in Santiago, a village on the edge of Lake Atitlan

lake atitlan guatemala

View from the paragliding hotspot at Lake Atitlan

Off we went in our trusty steed (the Nissan) and in true “us” style, booked nothing and read even less about what, where and how. We got to Panajachel, which is the town you drive into when arriving at Lake Atitlan, and somehow fan-dangled our way around until we found a Hotel we had briefly read about. It turns out the hotel El Sol was awesome and clean, and it set things off nicely for what was an awesome reprieve from the recent stresses of flying.

Here for your edification is the best video ever made in the world about Lake Atitlan. It has intrigue, mystery, a time lapse sunset and a wooden dummy that smokes and drinks and is also a Saint which heals people. tighten your pants and loosen your hair lackeys, this is about to get real… Enjoy. (Watch in 1080p or 720p for the best experience in the world).



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  1. Looks like I’m going on my own then. I will make some kind of Kellie effigy, not to burn obviously, just for someone to chat to.

  2. Nice video! I like the twin volcanoes. (Nicaragua has a similar pair.) The market place is something out of National Geo, and I loved seeing the people leading a non Western life. Keep having fun!

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