Forward launching a Paramotor Wing (video)

I am unfortunately still waiting for parts for my paramotor after the first parts ended up being the wrong parts (loooong story), but in the spirit of silver linings which I try and make myself look for in every situation, at least it means I have gotten to practice my kiting, a lot!


The better you are at kiting a paraglider, the better you will be at launching a Powered Paraglider, and after getting dragged onto my back and choked by my own lines, I figure I can never have too much practice.

The practice field is unfortunately not an easy drive from Antigua (where we are living in Guatemala). To get there we have to first drive to a place called Chimaltenango, then we have to drive out of the town, then we turn onto a horrendous dirt road and drive for another 20 minutes before getting to the field, which in all honesty does not have good wind most of the time.

It is generally too strong, too turbulent with direction changes, or just not there at all. This does however mean that I get to kite and train myself at how to handle less than ideal wind conditions (see, another silver lining!), and so I have.

The improvement I have seen over my last 5 or so kiting sessions is HUGE, and I now feel ready to launch with a lot less trepidation than I had when I first started this thing, a lot less that when I came to Guatemala. 5 sessions of 2 or 3 hours each and I almost feel like I have been doing this for years.

powered paragliding kiting wing

I am sure though that when I strap my Blackhawk Paramotor to my back again, and feel that 60 pounds pulling me down to Earth, that my confidence might slip a bit, but then imagine if I had had no training at all while I waited.

Kiting they say makes the best paramotor and paraglider pilots, so yes I have had to wait a month to fly because my paramotor blew a piston, but I am a hell of a lot better at controlling the wing than I would have been if said paramotor had not.

Silver linings!


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  1. Well I don’t think you have enough lines and equipment if I’m honest 😉 Looks like lots to remember dude! Mucho fun though! I did some kiteboarding lesson a few years back and that was awesome, so I can only imagine how the mammoth kite must be.

    1. Yeah it is, but once you get used to it it kind of becomes second nature. My wing is 28 square meters, and you don’t realize how much power it has until a wind comes along and grabs you.

      If you are super nice to me I might let you play with my wing when I see you again!

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